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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 28th January 2022


It’s been another fine week for riding. The mild temperatures are extending our riding season very nicely. The news this week has been dominated with differing views on the new Highway Code rules. Of course, as SAM Club advanced motorcycle riders you know all about them by now. Some commentators have pointed out additional hazards, not only from the introduction of a hierarchy of road user responsibility, but also possible adverse changes in the behavior of users responding to their new ‘rights’. I am just glad that there is a debate about road safety and whatever arguments prevail, the changes present additional challenges for motorcyclists. Stopping before turning into junctions, either right or left has always produced a hazard. The right to step of the pavement without looking, or undertake riding will need extra caution as road user assert their new rights to be higher up the road user food chain. IAM Roadsmart has put out a series of graphics and pdfs for you to peruse. You will also find these on the SAM website.

In other news, urban policing is moving onto three wheels with hybrid electric motorcycles. It will be interesting to read their conclusions. Ducati are helping the electric bike cause with their aim to support FIM MotoE with electric racing bikes. In the fossil fuel world there is an exciting development of a new Wankel rotary engine that is cheap to build and reports having an amazing power to weight ratio.

In Europe, Danish Police now have the power to confiscate bikes for ‘insane riding’. Of course, you will have to get past all the new border checks to actually get into Europe first. In a new study in Bournemouth we’ve finally been assured that drivers and bikers ‘see the road differently’. It’s not an amazing leap forward in our differing perception of using the road, but it’s nice to have the differences recognised in a research study. As if Smart Motorways didn’t already present enough problems, firms building them are under investigation for paying ‘ghost employees’ and stealing scrap metal. 

Finally, it’s the Manchester Bike Show this weekend and time to look for the next essential bike and/or biking kit.

Whilst you are all out and about why not stop and take a snap to upload or send in for the SAM Annual Photo Competition. The entry form is set up on the website. You can upload up to 10 images, in either *.jpg or *.png format. Don’t forget to give a number and label to each photo in the text box. Our security ensures that only suitable images are uploaded and will rename the file to prevent any subsequent access to it.  You can upload your entries here, or send them to The winner will be announced at the SAM AGM in April.

Anyone interested in SAM activities can find them, including the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters, on the SAM website. SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

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