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In your SAM newsletter this week, some adventurers just inspire you to get out on the bike. Mike Rive shows us that you don’t need a massive bike when he has a really great biking trip on a Honda 90. Our very good friends the Whiteknights are looking for volunteer fundraisers. Can you help them out? The UK Government trundles on making a complete pigs breakfast of legislation for road users. What are they doing now? Well, they are preparing the ground for drivers of self-driving vehicles to watch TV as they travel along. Even more worrying, they are considering motorcycle anti-tampering legislation. This means that only vehicles and parts designed and approved by the manufacturer will be road legal. Your old and trusted GT, with its modified fairing and brakes, will be confined to the shed. Let’s hope that IAM RoadSmart and other groups on the National Motorcycling Council can use their biker representative muscles to dissuade our lawmakers from this short-sighted legislative path. 

In other news Norton is investing £100m in developing the brand further. If you fancy learning some motorcycle racing skills but want to avoid going to the track with your brand new bike, Moto Training has a simulator on which you can practise those knee-down skills. Want the latest design of hoodie for free? Come to the next SAM Club Night where we’ll give out the latest freebies from SYSRP/F&RS. See you there. There is a lot more in your jam-packed digest, so enjoy and share. Thank you. 

Steve Bennett is still taking donations for his 24-hour charity ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats. There is also a notice of the next SAM Club Night. Finally, as if we haven’t endured enough with persistent COVID, there are quite a few SAM Club members who are having a difficult time with some serious health problems. Everyone in your Club sends you the very best wishes at this difficult time in life. Stay in touch to share more stories about bikes, bikers and biking.

SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

A special request to SAM members from Fiona Newton: Mike Heaney (SAM member) died on the 16th July 2019 from prostate cancer. Mike was an advanced rider and had volunteered to ride with the Whiteknights Blood Bikes. His partner Fiona was Mike’s pillion. The couple travelled together all over Europe. Fiona is asking if there are any SAM members who will allow her to ride out as a pillion again. If you are able to help Fiona just send an email to and we’ll provide Fiona’s contact details. Thank you.

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