Meet 9am each Saturday, Meadowhall Retail Park Sheffield S9 2YZ
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This week there’s lots of great stuff in this bumper edition of your SAM Club newsletter. SAM Saturday meetings at Meadowhall Retail Park have ‘officially’ re-started. Although, we have been meeting up for a while to help our new Associates learn their advanced motorcycling skills. In this issue there is an appeal for SAM members to put themselves forward for Local Observer training. Also, any ‘retired’ Observers, who want to help make riders safer on the road, would be very welcome too. There is news of the Autumn Breakfast Meet. SAM membership fees (£12. Associates it’s in with your sign-up fee) will be due in October and be valid until 1st April 2022. There is an invite to watch a Kevin Williams webinar on the Science of Being Seen. Even those bikers who have seen it all, done it all and can’t possibly learn anything new might be surprised at what they didn’t know or have forgotten. Originally part of the Biker Down course, Kevin has fully updated the presentation to reflect both the latest research and very practical ways of managing riding hazards. The Whiteknights have been relaying a consignment of clinical supplies from Birmingham to Scarborough. We’ve found 30 hacks to make your life on a motorcycle easier. If you know any prospective bikers, tell them they can get 3 months FREE subscription to motorcycling revision tests. There are proposals to change the rules on speeding that may help local authority finances. There is an IAM RoadSmart ‘Member get Member’ competition that you might be interested in entering. Finally, your Editor is in isolation for 10 days and feeling a bit poorly.

Read, enjoy and share. Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed.