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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 3rd December 2021


Life seems to be throwing us more curve balls with another COVID-19 variant. We all know what to do now to help keep everyone safer and still have a good time. The SAM Christmas Party is still on. Many SAM members have booked through the easy to use online booking form. Everyone is welcome. 

This week our Chairman showed us that riding in the snow is both possible and enjoyable. Always riding to the weather conditions and within your capabilities is a must. There is advice on winter riding. The proposed 2-tier system of driving licences got many members and supporters very hot under the collar. The Observer commented on what we’ll miss when the only way to travel is via electric motor. The picture of a Ural motorcycle crossing a river bed says it all. Honda has developed a gyro system that helps a bike to stay upright. I’m not sure about the ‘wagging’ back end though. The EU is to require ‘intelligent speed assistance’ in cars from July 2022. I’ve yet to see ANY speed management software that could remotely be described as intelligent, but that is just my opinion. In an era when everything is being pushed to go electric, BSA are expanding globally AND the bikes will be built in the UK. At least this manufacturer can see some future in mechanically driven motorcycles. For kids this Christmas there is the Big Book of Motorbikes to get them hooked early in life.

Finally, Motorcycle Live starts this week. There are always surprises tucked away in the corners of the exhibition halls, so it’s really worth a visit. I hope to go one day next week, after the SAM CHRISTMAS PARTY!! Anyone interested in SAM activities can find them, including the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters, on the SAM website. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week…

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