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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 5th November 2021


That’s the first SAM Club night done. Steve Brown(Chairman) thanked members for their continued support for the Club. Particular mention was for Andy Frith (Chief Observer) for his great work in managing the observer teams. Chris Lunn (Guidance Secretary) was welcomed as a replacement for Steve Bennett. Roy Clark(Membership Secretary) was thanked for his brilliant efforts in organising the SAM Autumn Breakfast. Lastly, a great round of applause for your Club’s Editor, for his selfless efforts in keeping everyone entertained each week. Plans are afoot to hold the SAM Spring Breakfast on the 26th March 2022. Also, we hope to hold a hog roast in the summer of 2022, for ALL our members, their family and friends. Just make sure that you read your newsletter to find out more. This week we are still flying high with aerial motorcycles. Thanks to Mark Pashley (Social Media Secretary) for this one. Read how you might not even need a pilot’s licence. I can’t see this one taking off!! Back on earth there is a call from motorcyclists for improved Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to contain motorcycle detection functioning. There’s hope on this one as bikers just got an extra voice in the UK Parliament in the shape of life-long biker Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland, who has just been appointed Under Secretary of State at the DfT. The DfT has also launched a consultation on setting up a Road Collision Investigation Branch, similar to those in the aviation, maritime and rail sectors. Thanks to taxation changes in the budget, being a road user just got more expensive. Added to which vehicles not meeting the emission standards in Sheffield are likely to face charges of £50/day!! Hopefully, the review article on the performance of premium versus cheaper fuels will help. If not, news that the West Midlands Police force has been using an electric motorcycle for duties at COP26 may show us where to go, but we await their verdict on its performance. Lastly, have you considered your body language when being photographed on your new bike. Read how to make a better impression before you have a laugh with the world’s tiniest motorcycle race. 

To ensure that anyone interested in SAM activities can find them, the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters are also on the SAM website; so, everyone can read, enjoy and share. We have readers in many countries! Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed.

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