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To be an advanced biker you need to stay up to date and think about your riding. This has always been true of SAM members who like nothing better than sharing their opinions on bikers, bikes and biking. This week there has been a lot of comment about the UK Government’s proposed changes to the Highway Code. MAG (Motorcyclists Action Group), IAM RoadSmart and every online and printed motorcycling news source has commented. Most believe that a move closer to the European model of a hierarchy of responsibility for harm to more vulnerable road users. The consultation omitted to include motorcyclists, but it also didn’t specify children, old people or the disabled either! The published furore was concisely captured in Kevin Williams video broadcast last Sunday. It’s worth a watch and it will give you, as if you needed any encouragement, a lot to talk about. We’ve had a couple of contributions from SAM members this week that should give you a smile and a place to meet and eat. If you have anything to share with all you SAM friends just send it to SYSRP (South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership/Fire & Rescue) continue their great work in promoting road safety, including safer riding. The internet has been a bit quiet with other news this week. I think it was stunned by the proposed changes to the Highway Code. But I’ve ferreted out the most interesting bits and you can always tell me if I have missed something. I did discover an old article from Blood Bikers advice on Winter riding that is included. There’s a link to a BMW article about its history in motorcycling. Lastly, can shorter riders benefit from ‘UpBiker Wedges’? I’m not sure, but what do you think about this item and lots of other interesting stuff too. 

Read, enjoy and share. Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed.