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Well, Summer is coming and it seems that everyone is looking to help bikers become safer riders. In this week’s newsletter there is a link to a very nice article on why all bikers should take a BikeSafe course. Locally, BikerDown has a few places left. The course is free and all riders need to keep their emergency management knowledge and skills up to date. After all, bikers are the road users most likely to stop at the scene of an accident and offer to help. A free 3-hour BikerDown course will always help you to feel more confident about managing the event. Did you know there is a ‘new Snake Pass’? No, well a lot of cyclists are claiming that the A5004 Long Hill between Whaley Bridge and Buxton fits the bill nicely. It’s also a great road for PWT bikers. There is a new young riders website that you might want to check out. You can support the initiative by sharing the link with all your social media friends. The website provides a lot of very helpful information and support for young riders, so pass it on. 

It looks like I may have vented the steam from my ears about the proposed anti-tampering laws a bit too soon. In my defence, with which a lot of other writers agree, the consultation document did suggest our view, at the time, was correct. The UK Government has now clarified their position. The law will not be retrospective, so vintage and classic bike owners and sellers can relax. So can anyone buying a vintage or classic bike before, or after, the law comes into force. However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what, if any, modifications might be permissible for road going machines, both cars and bikes. On a brighter note, Grant Shapps, Minister of State for Transport, is reviewing the legislation on e-scooters. Yes, those inherently unstable machines ridden by people who seem to leave their common sense and concern for the safety of both themselves and others, at home. Regulation, preferably with a requirement for a riding test, perhaps even an advanced riding test, tax and insurance should, in my opinion, be mandatory. At least the latter will give some recompense to those they unfortunately injure in their jaunts around our communities.   

If you weren’t at the last SAM Club night, you really missed a very enjoyable evening. We had FOUR advanced riding certificates to present to Associates and a very entertaining game dreamt up by our Treasurer. So that YOU don’t miss out on all the fun, come to the next SAM Club Night – details in the newsletter. 

Steve Bennett is still taking donations for his 24-hour charity ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats on the 21st of June. Finally, as if we haven’t endured enough with persistent COVID, there are quite a few SAM Club members who are having a difficult time with some serious health problems. Everyone in your Club sends you the very best wishes at this difficult time in life. Stay in touch to share more stories about bikes, bikers and biking.

SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

A special request to SAM members from Fiona Newton: Mike Heaney (SAM member) died on the 16th July 2019 from prostate cancer. Mike was an advanced rider and had volunteered to ride with the Whiteknights Blood Bikes. His partner Fiona was Mike’s pillion. The couple travelled together all over Europe. Fiona is asking if there are any SAM members who will allow her to ride as a pillion again. If you are able to help Fiona just send an email to and we’ll provide Fiona’s contact details. Thank you.

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