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Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2021

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 7th January 2022


The New Year plods on and we are enjoying some mild weather. It’s still cold and frosty at times, so take some time to remind yourself about riding in these conditions. It’s what all advanced riders need to do. Whilst you are all out and about why not stop and take a snap to upload or send in for the SAM Annual Photo Competition. The entry form is set up on the website. You can upload up to 10 images, in either *.jpg or *.png format. Don’t forget to give a number and label to each photo in the text box. Our security ensures that only suitable images are uploaded and will rename the file to prevent any subsequent access to it.  You can upload your entries here, or send them to The winner will be announced at the SAM AGM in April.

There is lots to read in this second edition, in 2022, of the SAM newsletter . Recently published data shows that motorists don’t trust local councils to keep the roads safe in winter. I think they don’t trust the UK Government either. Following on, drivers are also warned about the limitations and risks from new EU speed limiters due to launch in July. But we can all rest easy as biker, Curt Langan, has ridden 5,000 miles around the UK on an electric bike. He did have to plan his route to ensure he could reach the limited number of charging points available. It took much longer than on a petrol driven bike because he scheduled a couple of hours for recharging at each stop. There’s also a reminder, if we needed one, that motorcycling is a very sensual art and that bikers will be very reluctant to lose their vroom! 

Other news reports that Aprillia is still refining its tilting trike design. It probably could learn lessons from Yamaha and Piaggio on this one. The SYP Off Road Team has put out a call for Green Lane riders to avoid a lane in Moscar to ensure that agricultural workers and livestock have undisturbed safe access. SYP/ORT have helpfully provided a list of links on how to find out where to ride. 

If you didn’t know, I hate electric scooters. They seem to be ridden by unlicensed, uninsured, reckless idiots who are unable to control them properly when riding. Sadly, it is left to the Police to use their scarce resources to enforce the law. Recently released figures show that collisions and accidents have increased significantly. This puts even more pressure on very scarce Police and NHS resources. At least the UK Government has suspended the rollout of so-called Smart Motorways, but South Yorkshire is still the testbed for the rest of the UK. There is even more depressing news as it is expected that the UK Treasury will lose around £5 billion in tax revenue from the generous allowances given to electric vehicle owners. It is rumoured that other road users will make up the shortfall. It’s always such rumours that test public opinion before we get hammered with more cost of living increases.

At least there is some bright news. The Manchester Bike Show is back. We can all go and look at our next bikes and look forward to enjoying the coming Spring even more. To encourage more bikers to become advanced riders, IAM RoadSmart is offering a 10% discount on courses in January 2022. Just use the code ‘Jan10’ when you apply. Spread the word.  

Anyone interested in SAM activities can find them, including the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters, on the SAM website. SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

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