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It was the SAM Club AGM last Monday night. Julie provided a great feast. Enough for some members to go back for third’s and take home sandwiches for their pack up. We have new SAM Committee members you can see on the updated Who’s Who? page on the SAM website. Due to home commitments and some health issues (NOT COVID!) I have stepped down from the SAM Committee. However, until there can be a smooth transition to another mug (Oops, I mean another talented,dedicated and hard working SAM Club member), I will continue to provide support for the SAM website and weekly newsletter.

There was some discussion about raising the SAM Club membership fee. There is no final decision and you can always give your opinion to a member of the SAM Committee. There was also some discussion about the requirement to be an IAM member before being eligible to become a SAM Club member. This stipulation has always been a requirement on members and will remain so in the future. Some members are questioning the value that, in addition to being a SAM Club member, you also need to be an IAM RoadSmart Member. As a motorcyclist road safety charity the SAM Club needs the oversight, coordination of advanced riding standards, recognised rider testing and UK government representation for issues relating to motorcycling. In addition, the SAM Club needs the public liability insurance for Observers, Associates and members when we undertake activities and events related to our charitable objectives. These are NOT things that the SAM Club can undertake on its own. As a supporter of the SAM Club you are helping fellow members and local bikers in your community to have the chance to become and remain an advanced rider. Also, to show, to recognised national riding standards, that you are a qualified advanced motorcycle rider. Maintaining your membership of IAM RoadSmart and the SAM Club, you are undertaking to maintain your advanced knowledge and skills as an advanced motorcycle rider. You are then able to obtain the motoring insurance and other benefits available to advanced motorcycle riders. In addition, there are also the benefits that the SAM Club provides solely to its members, their family and friends. So, like those SAM Club members who have already paid their IAM RoadSmart and SAM Club membership fees, we urge every member to do the same.

In this week’s newsletter there’s good news that the Snake Pass is opening again. The bad news is that there is a speed limit of 20mph! Aston Martin and Brough Superior are at it again with a very limited edition, only 100 will be made, of the futuristic AMB001. No, I don’t know the price, but it will be expensive. If that is a shock to the wallet, how about a personal defibrillator to keep the ticker going. Festival season is starting up with a vengeance with lots to see and do. If you simply want a warm fuzzy feeling, why not take part in a charity egg run. There are some great events being organised. Finally, for a light-hearted film with a serious message, watch ‘Live Fast, Die Old’. It’s a film about three bikes and three bus passes. Enjoy and share.SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

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SAM Annual Photo Competition Results:

1st ‘Young Jubb – Almost there’. Photo by: Steve Harper

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2022
Young Jubb, almost there! Photo: Steve Harper

2nd ‘Karl Multistrada Sunset’. Photo by: Steve Harper

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2022
Karl – Multistrada sunset. >Photo: Steve Harper

3rd ‘What does this do mister?’ Photo by: Tony Thompson

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2022
What does this do mister? Photo: Fran Thompson


A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the entrants. Your support for the SAM Club is very much appreciated. See you here next year!