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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 8th October 2021


What a week with panic buying, massive queues at petrol stations and empty shelves in supermarkets, protesters blocking roads and media coverage denting the public’s faith in the integrity of police officers! SYF&R (South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue) offer safe spaces for anyone feeling threatened in public, so if you are near a fire station you can just knock on the door and they will help. The SAM FREE Autumn Breakfast is proving popular so make sure you sign up on the SAM website. One of our favourite routes, the Snake Pass, is going to be closed for two weeks so make sure you have got an alternative ready to ride. South Yorkshire Police Operations have been busy retrieving stolen motorbikes in the Handsworth area. This week you can read the amazing things that happen to V5 documents. That’s according to what people tell the DVSA. The new motorcycle racing game’s realistic footage is causing some players to have panic attacks. They should be on a track day for the real experience. Often the testbed for how people will accept new road taxes, increased ULEZ charges will hit the poorest in our communities. It will not be long before other big cities will start to follow suit. There are some heartwarming stories about the biker who, after an accident, was saved by his Apple watch. Also, if you are stuck in a 3-hour traffic jam, put a Mental Health Motorbike sticker on your panniers and top box, then see what happens. Lastly, most social media services were down for 6 hours. Panic ensued across the globe, but fortunately most of us were in bed asleep!! There are a lot more articles to keep you interested so read on and look forward to next week’s issue.  

To ensure that anyone interested in SAM activities, the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters are also on the SAM website; so, everyone can read, enjoy and share. Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed.

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