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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 9th September 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists


I was reminded this week of one of the principal reasons for belonging to an advanced motorcycling Club. The collective brain. In an advanced motorcycle club, like the SAM Club, there is a massive wealth of knowledge about bikes, riding and how to be a better rider. A real feeling of camaraderie pervades the SAM Club. It helps members to freely share their ideas, opinions, suggestions and practical advice on all kinds of biking related subjects. Of course, I am in the very privileged position of telling all members my opinion every week! So, this week, ask yourself, what advice did you share and is there a member who might benefit from your wisdom? In return you might get some advice on how to take care of your bike, improve your riding, deal with riding hazards better, find new places to ride or revisit; and, find a solution to the current economic crises along the way!

If you were at the last SAM Club night you will have enjoyed the Helite presentation. It was a great update on the development of air vest safety equipment. The new electronically controlled vests mean that you don’t have a lanyard attached to your bike. The lanyard operated versions are still available. One interesting suggestion that emerged was the use of this equipment by pony clubs and it could easily be applied to young off-road riders too. If you missed the SAM Club night, you can enjoy seeing a mad volunteer wearing a vest as it is operated. The look of shock on his face was a picture. It’s up on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds for your entertainment. The meeting on Saturday was a quiet affair. We think that everyone was on holiday, or the threat of rain put the sunshine riders off turning out. I had a great ride up to Snaith for breakfast and the group enjoyed sharing its riding wisdom again; and, putting the world to rights. 

In the newsletter this week you can read about a pair of bikers who met up, after riding around the world together 34 years previously, to ride across the USA for charity. There is news about salt-ion batteries being a possible replacement for lithium ones. There is also news of a new battery swapping service that will make recharging electric bike batteries a thing of the past. If you are still wedded to fossil fuelled machines, then how about building your own adventure bike? Read about how you could do it, even if you decide not to waste the shed time. In other news, after it was completely destroyed by a fire, the Top of the Mountain Motorcycle Museum is back. 

Last on the list is a story about cargo bicycles being used to deliver medical care at home. It seems like a backward step. There were very good reasons why district nurses and midwives gave up pedal power. They were slow, nurses and midwives were getting older and there is no romance in being on a bicycle in the cold and wet, despite the smiling actors shown on TV. They should have considered motorcycles and learnt lessons from our Whiteknights Blood Bike colleagues. All part of the collective biking brain. A break for three weeks until the next SAM newsletter. Enjoy.

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