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Welcome to the latest edition of the Survival Skills Rider Training newsletter, which goes out on Thursdays and covers my Facebook posts up to Wednesday. Survival Skills is all about helping you improve your knowledge, your skills, and your understanding of ‘better biking’ and I won’t take up half your day with random ads or product placement! All you get are links to my ‘better biking’ posts of Facebook.

TRAINING – after a brief Indian Summer, we’re into autumn. Whilst September and October can be some of the best riding of the year – so it’s still a great time to book an on-road course – the week ahead holds mixed weather. Check out the WET WEATHER GUARANTEE that avoids having courses disrupted. It’s also the last chance for an RIDING ASSESSMENT. I am currently taking bookings to mid-October. Visit for more info on training courses. You can also download the latest information PDF here. Or drop me a line at

And of course, I’m also available for ONLINE COACHING sessions immediately.

READ ONE THING – if you’re pushed for time, have a look at the TIPS ON TUESDAY post entitled ‘Lean IN? Or lean OUT’ – it’s a response to a pair of videos by FortNine and MotoJitsu that appeared a couple of days earlier on YouTube. Whilst I mostly agree with both videos, I do fill in some essential practical detail. It’s got a LOT of reads on my site, and it’s been shared a fair bit too.

NEXT LIVE PRESENTATIONS – book up for the next – it’s the SCIENCE OF BEING SEEN (SOBS) again! Tickets cost £5. The presentation has just been featured on the Devitt motorcycle features pages:

So here’s your chance to catch the presentation previously used as the third module at most Biker Down courses – BUT IN FULL and UPDATED. Here’s the booking link:


I’ll be running SOBS every two months so don’t panic if you can’t make it. And on Wednesday 3 November, there will be another talk – I’ll be talking about the technique of braking in corners.

CLUB & GROUP TALKS – I’ve just booked up my latest rider group talk and have a couple more in the diary for coming months. If you’d like me to arrange something for your own group or club, get in touch. As well as the ‘Science Of Being Seen’ and ‘Crash Course (as in “how not to…”) presentations, I have a selection of others on various riding issues. Drop me a line to sort something out.

NEXT Ko-Fi WEBINAR – I planned to run this on Monday but due to other commitments, it will now run on MONDAY 4 OCTOBER. Free to all supporters & subscribers!


*** TRAINING *** Website update

The website at which gives you everything you need to know about my various courses, what they cover and where they happen, has been given a bit of an upgrade!

As well as some new articles about my courses and training generally, I’ve adds links to my EBOOK SHOP at Ko-Fi, my paperback BOOKSTORE at Lulu, the 60 SECOND SAFETY VIDEOS on YouTube, as well as the FACEBOOK ARCHIVE of 500+ better biking articles which is also … See more

*** TRAINING *** Last Minute Availability 18 – 25 September

Once more we’re in a really changeable period of weather, making it almost impossible to give you any predictions on what’s happening more than a few days ahead. Right now, the weekend is looking showery, but there are hints that next week could well be dry and mild – perfect for training. So I’ll just remind you of the unique Survival Skills WET WEATHER GUARANTEE – more about that below. And it’s also the VERY LAST … See more

*** ELEVENSES *** Elevenses 172 Wed 15 Sep

In today’s webcast… Factcheck – DVSA NOT removing reversing from HGV test – sort of… SuperSoco become first e-bike manufacturer to top 1000 UK sales… Emma Raducanu rode MX… Guzzi unveils 100 year plan for Mondello site… Triumph’s new Speed Triple 1200RR… coroner puts fatal collision between bikes down to strong winds… today’s better biking tip – dealing with strong winds…

Make a brew, grab a biscuit and pull up a ch… See more

*** TIPS ON TUESDAY *** Lean IN? Or lean OUT?

A new video by FortNine has certainly set a whole herd of cats amongst the pigeons. It’s entitled: “Motorcycle Riders – You’re Leaning the Wrong Way”. It came out on Sunday – the 12th of September – and by 9am this morning, had notched up well over half a million views!

In the video Ryan uses his usual mix of amusing delivery with solid science to talk about the benefits of changing riding position between: … See more

*** TOURING TALES *** Pembrokeshire – there and back

This time last week Judy and I were just leaving the cottage where we’d been staying with a friend of Judy’s, looking forward to a day of riding in lovely weather, up and over the Cambrian Mountains via the Tregaron moutain road which descends Devils Staircase, the route I mentioned last week.

It wasn’t a long trip but we did manage to pack a lot in after heading out on a rather chilly, grey and dank morning from NW Londo… See more

*** ELEVENSES *** Elevenses 171 Sun 12 Sep

In today’s webcast… fatal bike crash turns into murder investigation… Hereford couple die after being hit by motorcycle… villagers give the Isle of Wight Road Races a thumbs-down in vote… Moto Guzzi show off new V100 Mandello… Apple advice against using an iPhone on your bar mount… today’s better biking advice – why you should forget the ‘brake into corners and load up the front for more grip’ advice on the road…

Make… See more

*** SKILLS ON SATURDAY *** New bike? Five skills to practise #1

Modern bikes are easier to ride, are more agile, and are more fun than ever! And they can get us into serious trouble in a fraction of a second. And it’s a funny thing – or maybe it’s not – that the first thing nearly all of us do on a new bike is answer the question the child in us is asking:

“What’ll it do, Mr / Ms?”… See more

*** FOCUS ON FRIDAY *** Are driving standards worse…

…or has driving been made more difficult? A few days ago, I had to drive to the Barbican and back. As I had a deadline to meet, I took the least congested route there. But for the return journey, and as I’d already paid the congestion charge, I thought I might as well take a drive back through the heart of the City and West End.

It’s the first time I’ve done that for several years and I was absolutely horrified at the … See more

*** 60 SECOND SAFETY *** Multiple hazards Part 2

In the last video, I’d just stopped in a position that allowed me to see over a narrow bridge and GIVE WAY way to an oncoming car.

As the car clears the bridge, I move off but keep right-of-centre. … See more


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Kevin Williams
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