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NEXT LIVE PRESENTATIONSOBS In-Depth… the Science Of Being Seen looks at the reasons for the most common motorcycle crash of all – the ‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You’ or ‘SMIDSY’ collision at junctions. In this IN-DEPTH presentation, I’ll taking a look at how we identify objects within the field of vision – and it’s not nearly as simple as “if it’s visible, we should see it”. Even if you have seen the full SOBS presentation, I think you’ll get a lot of additional insight into just why drivers often fail to spot motorcycles, day-riding lights and hi-vis clothing notwithstanding.
Tickets cost £5 – get yours here:
Put the date in your diary today – Wednesday 2 February 2022 AT 20:00

MARCH’S TALK: Topic to be confirmed… topic to be confirmed
Tickets cost £5 – get yours here: to be confirmed
Put the date in your diary today – Wednesday 2 February 2022 AT 20:00

CLUB & GROUP TALKS – I’ve delivered one more group talk and added another to the diary for some weeks ahead, and if you’d like me to arrange something for your own group or club, get in touch. As well as ‘Science Of Being Seen’‘Crash Course (in how not to…) and my latest ‘Fewer skills, more Insight’ presentations, I have a selection of others on various riding issues. Available weekday evenings and weekends. Drop me a line to sort something out.

*** COMMENT *** January 10 Damon – adding up the numbers
You can now ‘reserve’ your 200 horsepower, 200 MPH, 200 mile range electric motorcycle.
Those numbers are taken straight off their website. And that’s where my credulity is stretched. Everything else I can believe in, even if riding a ‘connected vehicle’ is little practical use when the car about to pull out on you from the junction ahead can’t even connect to digital FM radio, and the other safety features are unproven. The problem is the 200 – 200 – 200 claim
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*** ELEVENSES *** Elevenses 204 Sun 9 Jan
in today’s show… Chesterfield police seize unlicenced e-motorbike… FEMA flag up lack of planning for e-bike charging across EU… health and well-being project for veterans conserves vintage motorcycles… Touratech release new range of shocks… Clic-Light is yet another ‘unique’ wearable bike light system… the only way is up for bike parking in Indonesia… today’s talking point – Is Edmund King of the AA right so suggest that learners don’t need to learn about gears?
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Once again, it’s time for the annual Survival Skills WINTER GIFT VOUCHER offer! Buy a GIFT VOUCHER now, and redeem it against a course NEXT YEAR… and save money
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SoS January 8 Highway Code Rules Rule H1, H2, and H3
I was going to start this article by saying “unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that there are some important revisions to the Highway Code coming in at the end of this month”, but it seems that the vast number of drivers are unaware of the new rules, despite a steady flow of news on the changes.
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FoF January 7 “Biking is dangerous”… but context is everything
Every year, the UK government – like most others around the world – releases the grim toll of road casualties. For example, in 2020, 285 motorcyclists were killed in Great Britain, whilst 4,429 were reported to be seriously injured (adjusted) and 8,890 slightly injured. And based on those figures, we’re regularly told how dangerous motorcycling is…  …but what’s the broader context?
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*** ELEVENSES *** Elevenses 203 Wed 5 Jan
in today’s show… tonight’s LIVE webcast – filtering… police stop Wiltshire woman with no licence – since 1983… traffic light controls in Bath made air quality worse… Tesla turns off the ‘passenger play’ feature after US investigation… the frightening toll of injured and dead bikers from synthetic kite string in India… all new homes to have EV charge points… but government drops requirement for charge points in business car parks… Livewire reveal plans for new electric drivetrain platform… rider’s deja vu moment after watching my 60 Second Safety video… plus a quick look forward to 2022…
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ToT January 4 a dash of colour and light – part 1
Did you know that modern bikes have standardised colours and symbols for warning lights? Here’s how it works – in theory, anyway.
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