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Survival Skills Newsletter – Monday 11th April 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Survival Skills Newsletter - Kevin Williams


MYTHBUSTING MONDAY Apr 11 2022 “Maximum lean angle is 45 degrees”
“Maximum lean angle is 45 degrees.” Or “modern tyres can easily exceed 50 degrees of lean”. Which is right? Which is wrong? Well, they’re both partly right… and they are both partly wrong. READ MORE…

Elevenses 230 Sun 10 Apr
in today’s show… Survival Skills was live on the 2022 Shiny Side Up Online event last night… MCIA and DfT meet to discus zero emission action plan… Honda show off first swappable motorcycle battery from the big four… Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service invite riders to Biker Down for spring safety drive… today’s discussion point – how eBay traders are marketing illegal e-bikes as pedelecs…      WATCH NOW…

SoS Apr 9 2022 Back in the groove for spring
Many of us have probably already taken the odd trip out on the bike and certainly there have been some lovely days for riding, but it’s still a bit hit-and-miss. Here in London the temperature plummeted from a balmy 18 c to an icy 5 degrees with sleet in the wind in just a couple of days. But next weekend is Easter and I fully expect riders to be out in force.  Here’s the bad news. My newsfeed is already full of reports of serious bike crashes.     READ MORE…

FoF Apr 8 2022 Digging our heels in over dogma
One of the most difficult tasks I have as a rider coach is getting people to question what they know. That’s often because they’ve been exposed to dogma. Dogma is a set of principles or beliefs, laid down authoritatively as necessarily true. The group proposing them usually expects others to accept them without question, and they are usually held in common by the group equally without question. If you hear someone saying..   “It must be done this way because the group does it this way and we’ve always done it this way” …then you’re listening to dogma.   READ MORE…

SCIENCE OF BEING SEEN Apr 6 The importance of lateral movement
“Where other drivers turn across the path of a motorcyclist, this can be because the motorcyclist…is not seen by the driver…This points to the need to improve driver awareness of motorcycles, as well as raising awareness among motorcyclists of this issue, which is a key factor in many collisions. By running headlights during the daytime and wearing high visibility clothing, motorcyclists can help to improve their visibility to drivers.”  
Or not, if you can’t be seen! SIGN UP FOR THE NEXT SOBS PRESENTATION!https:

Elevenses 229 Wed 6 Apr
in today’s show… Rochdale riders hold ride to raise cash for Ukraine medical supplies… order a Ukrainian e-bike and support their military… MotoGP schedule disrupted by cargo flight engine problems and Russia sanctions…  Stuart Garner walks free from court after sentencing… MCE Insurance customers begin to receive partial paybacks… Harley’s new 500 is a parallel twin… today’s talking point – DVSA prosecutes company supplying illegal e-bikes…    WATCH NOW…

ToT April 5 2022 Extending skills post-test Pt 1 – junctions
The previous ten part series “How to Fail Your Bike Test” got some very positive feedback for its unique approach – rather than telling you the ‘right’ things to do on test, the articles took the opposite perspective in order to alert you to some of the common trip-ups that result in riders taking a fail certificate home rather than one with a pass marked on it.  But passing the test, big step forward though it is, isn’t everything. So over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at some of the changes I’d recommend you make to your riding from the basic DVSA’s test standard riding.   READ MORE…

And from the 60 Second Safety series on YouTube…

That’s it for today. Each issue is usually out Mondays but other commitments may mean a change of date. I’d welcome your feedback, as always.

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