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Despite many SAM members being away on riding holidays, last Saturday was still very busy down at Meadowhall Retail Park. The relative merits of new bikes were discussed. The Editors reading process for planning the weekly newsletter was also a topic of discussion. Steve Ellis, our regional ASDM (Area Service Development Manager), after a very busy week testing advanced riders and drivers, spent the morning helping our latest Observers progress their training. Our new Associates were keenly discussing the next stage of their journey toward becoming advanced riders. Our membership secretary, also the Whiteknights Blood Bikes manager was having a fabulous time riding in the German alps. Thursday riders were looking forward to their forthcoming trip riding the Scottish Borders. Fran (SAM’s Chairperson) discussed organising an evening’s ride out in July. Clive Lewis (Social Secretary) will be conducting a survey of SAM members on whether they would be interested in a two-day ride to North Yorkshire. Staying in overnight accommodation and riding home the following day. Details of the survey will be circulated shortly. There will be no Club Night in August, we are all away riding!

The estimate for the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured were released this week. Everyone is applauding the drop in casualties. Fatalities were down from 351 (2022) to 319 (2023). Whilst the 9% drop is to be welcomed the reasons for it, at this point, are unclear. The final figures will be published in September 2024. When reading the data, it occurred to me that forewarning road users of potential danger spots might be helpful. Integrating CrashMap data, to display on sat nav devices, might be worth considering. Signalling accident hotspots in real time, before you get to them, might be a way to help motorised and pedal cycle road users take extra care. Just a thought.

This week 20,000 bikers helped to show how the vast majority of  motorcyclists behave. No arrests, no arguments, no trouble. Just a ride, of sincere admiration and respect, to honour fellow biker Dave Myers. Bikers like Si King and Dave Myers, with their quiet, occasionally mischievous banter, serve motorcycling so well. Even in passing away, we remember, with deepest respect, Dave’s calm, reassuring voice, showing us all that quiet and respectful conduct helps us to be accepted as a valued and valuable social resource. Thank you Dave. Rest in peace. 

The NMC, MCIA, IAM, BMF and many other motorcycling safety organisations promote their political manifestos ahead of a general election. It is only a very tiny minority of motorcyclists that misbehave. The rest of us, will continue to promote safer riding in our communities; and, selflessly go on serving our chosen charities. This is how we honour the memory of those riders who showed us the way. Ride safe everyone and happy reading.

Ways to stay in touch with your Club!

It’s really easy to stay in touch with your Club! We provide emails, a website and use social media accounts for you to contact us. All of which is free of any cost to the Club. If you are not getting the Club information circulated, or simply want to tell us something, just let us know at We’ll be happy to ensure that we stay in touch with you. You can also now sign up for Club emails on the SAM website.

Next SAM Club Night
Chair’s Summer Ride??
7.30pm for an 8pm start
Treeton Miners Welfare Club
Arundel Street, Treeton
Rotherham S60 5PW

Next SAM Committee Meeting
26th June 2024
Details to be arranged

Online Motorcycle News


Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

Taiwanese electric scooter giant Gogoro has been on a quest for world domination for several years now. And it’s slowly but surely making its way to all corners of the globe. The company has established a strong presence in the majority of Asia, and is now developing a foothold in South America. The latest news surrounding Gogoro’s expansion comes to us from Colombia, where the company has partnered with leading fuel and lubricant specialist Terpel. Through the latter’s Voltex brand, Gogoro’s battery-swapping infrastructure will make its way across Colombia, starting in the nation’s capital Bogota. Read more

Motorcyclist riding on motorway

MCIA lay out plans for motorbike industry following general election call with motorcycling manifesto

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) have revealed their ‘Powered Light Vehicle Manifesto’ encouraging politicians from all political parties to actively support the motorbike industry.

Launched on May 30, the 11-page document follows the announcement of a UK general election on Thursday, July 4 – a move which was officially set in motion by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on May 22. Read more

question of the day coming through in a clutch

The latest industry trend: electronic clutches. Last November, at EICMA, Honda became the first motorcycle maker to bring to market an electronic clutch. Debuting as an option on the CBR650R and CB650R, Honda’s E-Clutch combined elements of its Dual Clutch Transmission technology with quickshifters to allow for up and down shifting with without needing to use a clutch lever, but otherwise using a regular gearbox and foot shifter. Read more

Biker deaths on the decline | Industry experts respond to falling fatalities amongst UK motorcyclists

Biker deaths on the decline | Industry experts respond to falling fatalities amongst UK motorcyclists. Motorcycle industry experts have expressed their delight at the declining number of road deaths amongst bikers, with the latest government figures suggesting a drop of 12% between 2022 and 2023. The figure represented the largest decrease of the four main road user types (car occupants, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and pedal cyclists) with fatalities dropping from 350 to 306 between the two years. Read more

Dave Myers. - BBCApproximately 20,000 bikers were present on the tribute ride for Dave Myers which led them to Myers’ home town of Barrow-in-Furness. The ride began in London, and the trail of motorcycles is estimated to have stretched for around 16 miles from front-to-back. Cumbria Police had urged motorists to maintain care while driving on what was called ‘Dave Day’ in anticipation of the large number of bikers making their way firstly to, and then home from, Barrow-in-Furness. It said after the ride that it had made no arrests. Read more

Safer Riding

how to choose the right windscreen for your motorcycle

How to Choose the Right Windscreen for Your Motorcycle. Looking for a motorcycle windscreen? We’ll cover the ins and outs of picking the proper windscreen for you and your motorcycle. Motorcycles are visceral machines, and that’s a major part of why we like them. We’ve got the wind in our hair and nature whizzing by our side, delivering all the sights, sounds, and smells we can handle. Heck, we’ve got the bugs in our teeth to prove it! Some riders prefer to take it all in, while others look to windscreens for an added layer of protection when out on the open road. Choosing a suitable windscreen can dramatically improve the riding experience for various reasons, but what’s the right one for you? We’ll tackle windscreens head-on, covering everything from size, shape, and color to help you make the most informed decision possible. Read more

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 14th June 2024So many of us dream of owning a motorcycle. Whether you want to buy it for your everyday vehicle or you want to head away touring, there are so many reasons to buy your dream motorcycle. However, many people underestimate the importance of gear they also need to buy along with it. You need to make sure you are buying the right gear for you. Here is how to choose the right motorcycle gear for your riding. Read more

A jacket illustration and early prototype

A LOT MORE GOES INTO MAKING MOTORBIKE KIT THAN YOU MIGHT THINK. We went to Spada’s UK HQ to chat with design and development boss James Kent about the process of bringing motorbike kit from sketch to the shop shelf. Read more


Gel Seat Giving Some More Miles

MISLED leads us to a solution for comfortable riding LESS PAIN = MORE RIDE TIME Report by MISLED Back in September of 2018 I was in a bad collision on my motorcycle resulting in multiple injuries from head to toe including the loss of left leg below the knee and a crushed left hip. Due to the seriousness of these injuries, getting back on my motorcycle a year later took modifications to help with comfort and or ease of use due to my new disabilities. I had to design a push-pull cable kickstand, add an electric shifter and recently added a reverse kit to the motorcycle to navigate my obstacles. All these mods did not help the one factor I …Read More 

Touring & Adventure Travel

Into the Mud throttle Mud… love it or hate it, we all should still know how to ride it. Mud is one of the more challenging surfaces for ADV riders. It is unpredictable and often hides rocks and roots. However, with the right skills, these challenges can be turned into fun rides. Read more

Discover Baja’s Serenity on a Motorcycle Adventure Passing Rosarito Beach on Highway 1 is the moment stress melts away. The headache of crowded southern California interstates, the border crossing, and the packed streets of Tijuana (with Google navigating, of course) disappear when you finally see Baja’s western shore for the first time. I had planned my entire winter, week by week, around training for the Morocco Desert Challenge, a fantastic coast-to-coast rally spanning eight days and roughly 1,500 miles of the Moroccan Sahara. The year before, I had entered, never having previously raced a motorcycle. Needless to say, I came in last place. For now, the goal was to obtain as much seat time as I could handle in preparation for next year. A friend shared a mass of tracks he had collected from riding in Baja, so I was set to discover the peninsula at full throttle. As I rolled down the coast, I decided to take a momentary detour and call an acquaintance from the 2019 Baja Rally. Read More

History & Custom

“That” Build: VLXAFL-5 Build Series Part 8

Almost ready to Wire and Fire A labor of love report from Bandit with photos by the Redhead and Weed “Hang on! My alignment issues through the driveline weren’t over. I even had an issue with the front wheel alignment. This tech may jump around some, but you’ll get it. At least the transmission was in place securely and I could Flex seal the oil tank mount and install the oil tank, run the oil lines, attach the oil filter mount, make a front chain guard, make a kickstand stop, find the pieces for a clutch throw-out bearing, make the proper length pushrod, order a clutch cable from Barnett and almost forget the code for clutch adjustment.” ~~~Bandit Click here …

Read More 

Custom Ducati 900 SS by Sticky’s Speed Shop


When a rough 90s Ducati 900 SS with upgraded suspension appeared on Marketplace at a price too good to ignore, Matt Coulter of Sticky’s Speed Shop jumped in the van. He factored that, with a minor tidy, the Ducati would make the perfect daily runner, with the potential to pull double duty as a track…

Whiteknights Blood Bikes

May be an image of ambulance, car and text

And so finally as Volunteers Week 2024 draws to a close, Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes are publishing a recruitment request to attract new volunteers for the South Yorkshire Team.
If you are interested in joining our charity as a volunteer Blood Biker or Volunteer Car Driver in South Yorkshire please contact us.
Please share this appeal, we would like to hear from Retired / Semi-retired motorcyclists and drivers to join our team this summer. .
We operate an on-call urgent “Out-of-hours” delivery service, overnight and 24hours at weekends that operates a shift system.
If you have contacted us previously, why not drop us a line and check-in again, as our geographical locations and volunteering requirements may have been updated since the considerable effort and contributions we made to support the NHS during the Pandemic.
Why not join our team as a fundraiser supporter and event ambassador? We would love to hear from you.
For further information contact us through the Facebook Page or email:

May be an image of 4 people and text

Today is the final day of Volunteers Week 2024.
Whiteknights are taking this opportunity to appeal for more volunteers to join our charity and to highlight the remarkable commitment of one volunteer in particular.
In fact, this Advanced-Qualified Volunteer rider is on operational Blood Bike duty right at this moment for the North Yorkshire Team – because he stepped in at short notice to cover a Sunday shift to help a volunteer colleague.
Adam Meek became a Whiteknight in March 2023. Since then he has completed 77 shifts with over 900 operational Blood Bike Hours. Still working in his career in IT, when not volunteering for the Yorkshire Blood Bike charity, Adam is a National Observer with IAM Roadsmart, coaching riders in advanced riding skills and promoting road safety.
Being thoroughly committed to the important contribution Whiteknights make to the benefit of patients, Adam also decided to make a gift to the charity by funding the provision and installation of the Hi-Vis graphics on our recently launched Blood Car.
It is with great pleasure that Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes convey upon Adam the status of ‘Whiteknights Champion’ for his valued and varied contributions to our charity.
Well done Adam. Pictured are North Yorkshire Regional Manager, Andy Richardson alongside Adam Meek receiving his Champion certificate.
We hope that Adam’s story has inspired you to make a real difference to your local community through the value of volunteering.
Whiteknights are recruiting fundraising supporters, event ambassadors, and riders and drivers. We would love to hear from you and to have you on the team! #bloodbikes

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership

No photo description available.

SHAFTON BIKE FEST IS BACK! Outwood Academy Shafton is #proud to announce #bikefest2024  
Please put SATURDAY 6TH JULY 2024 into your calendar. Time 12:00 to 15:00. Families: £1.00 entry. Motorcycles to show: £1.00
Stalls available at £10 with all proceeds from stall hire going to charity.
ANY type of motorcycle is allowed to be shown, but MUST be transported to site legally and safely. Our students will be running our 2nd motorcycle show, with improvements from the last one, way back in 2019!!!
Our chosen charity this year is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Last time we raised nearly £600 – we want to raise at least £1000 this time around. 90% of profits will go to the Air Ambulance and 10% to our Eco Warriors in school to create sustainable projects. Please, please share this post
Please contact Mr Rooke at for more information. 

All the gear, all the time:
As part of the national motorcycle safety campaign we are reminding all riders of the importance of personal protective equipment.
“Often we hear the line ‘I was just nipping down the shops’ or ‘I wasn’t planning on riding fast’, which is why we always say ATGATT for short,” said an SRP spokeswoman.
“That driver who doesn’t see you at a junction, may still pull-out whether you are five or 50 miles from your home. The spilt diesel doesn’t mind if you’re doing 25mph or 40mph.
“Kevlar-lined clothing can be the difference between a shattered knee or scuffed jeans.” Find out more  South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue  South Yorkshire Police
New Rider Hub:
Thanks to our partners at the New Rider Hub for sharing their infographics on motorcycle crashes at junctions.
Their website has lots of useful information for 16-24 year olds who ride powered two wheelers of up to 125cc:

May be an image of motorcycle, jet ski and text that says "loike Safe POLI ols POLICE 金 POLICE"

Advanced rider skills:
Have you heard of #bikesafe and #bikerdown? Both help riders to increase their skills, knowledge and hazard perception. Find out more as part of #motorcyclesafety week:

May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle and text

Bike Safe:
As part of the National Police Chiefs motorcycle campaign, our partners South Yorkshire Police have linked up with Team Roberts – Triumph in Conisbrough #doncaster to talk to bikers & staff about road safety, as well as share resources.
Thanks to everyone who was involved – working together we can help to reduce casualties on our roads.

Biker Down is a safety session, designed by bikers to help bikers.
The three-hour session is free and features advice, skills and techniques to help keep riders safe.
In South Yorkshire, our Biker Down sessions are delivered by our partners in the South Yorkshire Police Community Safety Team based Community Safety at Lifewise Centre.
Pictured is a recent group training session hosted by Project Officer John Furniss. To find out more or book on a course visit

Kevin Williams

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - newsletter

Elevenses 435 Sun 9 June – motorcycle news, tips & views

in today’s show… estimated 20,000 bikers head out on ‘Dave Day’ ride… Yamaha’s vehicle test data ‘incorrect’ rather than ‘falsified’… Peugeot lose appeal in Piaggio copyright infringement case… police run bike course on Shetland… Tuesday 11 is Ride to Work day… Aussies get motorcycle designed to monitor state of roads… Michael Dunlop tops TT wins… Repsol and Honda to end partnership… battery swap service launched in Singapore… Benelli’s top-selling 500 adventure bike updated… sidecar outfit gets 38 litre T-55 tank engine… in-depth today: another campaign aims to remind motorists to ‘think bike’ – why, when it’s not worked in half a century…Read more

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - newsletter

Staying loose – body-shifting part 1

For the last couple of weeks, I have offered some advice on riding posture. The reason was I felt a response was needed to an online article that suggested that we all needed to be “in a racing crouch to steer effectively”. I’m pretty sure that was not actually the advice that was attributed to a highly-qualified instructor – my guess is that whoever edited the article got the wrong end of the stick. Read more

Post Image Preview

BMW pull plug on Vision DC Roadster e-bike

[Expanded from a news item in Wednesday’s ‘Elevenses’ live webcast]

The more I hear the top management of European companies talk, the more I’m convinced there’s a degree of behind-the-scenes collusion in their statements on the future of electric motorcycles in order to push back against the ‘end of life’ dates being adopted for ICE engined motorcycles using fossil fuels. Read more

Out-riding the Limit Point 

This video – shot near Belfast after the NW200 races – has been all over the internet so I think it fair to use it. One comment I saw was “best know the road before winding it on”. I’d say that even if we ‘know’ the road, we can’t possibly know what’s happening the other side of the Limit Point – something I discussed just a few days ago. So we need to keep our stopping distance ‘well within the distance we can see to be clear’.  Read more

Post Image Preview

The simple art of ‘observation’ isn’t so simple!

“The observation stuff you do really made me think. I thought [insert name of high-profile advanced training school run by ex-police bikers] covered it all but that was like a 5 on the scale where what you do is a 10. I never realised you could get so much information as you ride!” Read more

Post Image Preview

What does Scotland have planned to reduce bike crashes?

[Based on the in-depth piece in yesterday’s LIVE Elevenses webcast – biking news, views and biking tips webcast]

And the short answer is “much the same as ever”, it seems. Read on for the longer, more considered, version.

I’ve been meaning to get around to this particular story for a while, since the meeting minutes from Transport Scotland’s Road Safety Framework Motorcycle Focus Group – held on 7 March 2024 – appeared in my newsfeed at the end of that month. But as it happens, it dovetails well with the item from the previous Sunday’s Elevenses (and posted on Monday) when I talked about the problems of motorcycle crashes on the North Coast 500, the route that circumnavigates the north of Scotland. Read more

In today’s show… girl fights for life after Hackney ride-by shooting… 15 year old bike thief who killed 7 year old detained for 64 months… 15 year old Aussie dirt champion succumbs to her injuries… police return stolen bikes to German tourists on IoM… Czech tourists bikeless after theft in Edinburgh… MAG vow election ‘move on motorcycling’… ‘hilarious’ video of biker towing skater… TT – from riding challenge to spectator spectacle… Michael Dunlop switches bike, goes faster, wins 26th TT… Voge 900 DSX twin in showrooms… in-depth today – what’s Scotland doing about bike crashes – much as usual it seems…Watch here

Motorcycling Organisations' News

IAM RoadSmart


As Volunteers’ Week comes to an end, we wanted to express our gratitude for the ongoing support from all of our volunteers, and for all the time, energy, and passion they dedicate to the charity. 👏🏼
Our CEO, Antony Kildare, shares his appreciation for the amazing volunteers we have in the IAM RoadSmart community. ⭐

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - newsletter

There is a huge range of different volunteering roles within the IAM RoadSmart community, such as Observer, Group Secretary, Masters Mentor, Skills Day Instructor, and so many more, all of which are vital roles that hold a lot of responsibility.
Our People Power campaign was created to help shine a light on all of the fantastic volunteers who all dedicate their valuable time to help the charity thrive. ✨ Explore more about our volunteers

Nick Lomas appointed as Vice Chair of IAM RoadSmart  IAM RoadSmart is pleased to announce that Nick Lomas has today been appointed as Vice Chair of the charity.

Nick originally joined IAM RoadSmart as a Trustee in March 2020 and over the last four years has become an established and reliable Board member and his elevation to Vice Chair will ensure continuing support for Chair Stuart Donald QPM. Read more

National Motorcyclists Council

The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) NMC has today launched an important campaign which aims to put motorcycling on the map in parliamentary constituencies in advance of the General Election.

A ‘Motorcycling Matters’ manifesto and campaign website has been created by the NMC’s members, which sets out in simple terms what motorcyclists need the post-election Government to deliver for motorcycling. It presents a manifesto for a positive vision for the future of transport and the role of motorcycling within this. There are seven key themes… Read more


Free Motorcycle Parking In Designated Places In Oslo

Back in 2016 the old government decided to close down the free parking spaces for motorbikes in the town, despite intensive complaints from the users, led by NMCU. The feeling for all motorbike drivers was – most naturally – that motorcyclists were no longer welcome in Oslo. Over the years, and especially after the election last year, the CEO of NMCU, Arild Lind, has been in contact with several members of the local Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet) on this matter. Read more

 Spanish Riders And The Transport Ministry Work For Motorcyclist-Friendly Guardrails
Juan Manuel Reyes, the president of the Spanish motorcyclists’ association ANM – a member of FEMA – held a meeting with Mr. Álvaro Navareño, Technical Director of the General Directorate of Highways and his team. In this meeting, work was done on improving the criteria for installing Motorcycle Protection Systems on Metal Safety Barriers, popularly known as ‘guardrails’. Read more

British Motorcycling Federation

May be a black-and-white image of road, street and text that says "bmf"

Looking at the seven key points are included in our Manifesto in more detail.
3. Safer roads for riding, tackling potholes and proper investment in motorcycle safety. Read more here  BMF manifesto
May be a graphic of motorcycle and text that says "+ MENTAL HEAL EALTH MENTA HEALTH MOTORBIKE MOTORBIKE FIRST ЛЮE MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AIDERS Wanted nted CAN YOU HELP? MENTAL HEALTH MOTORBIKE WHEN LIFE GETS TOUGH WE ARE HERE TO LISTEN, TO SUPPORT, TO RIDE www.mhmotorbike.c com"WANTED – We try to have a MHFA sitting on on every session for our Mental Health First Aid courses. We do this to offer support to our learners as the course content can be difficult for some people. We have a great team of volunteers helping us, but we need a few more. Could you spare the time to help us? The courses are all weekdays and most run from 6pm to 9.30pm. We sometimes run daytime courses which are 9.30am to 1pm.
If you have any questions contact:

Latest research project that seeks to better understand riders views and experiences of motorcycle or scooter theft. Please help with this important research by taking part in an online survey .The survey will close on Saturday the 29th of June. Click here for more info
New Rider Hub

The National Young Rider Forum is delighted to be working on the development of a good quality, motorcycle specific hazard perception test tailored to the needs of young riders.

The project has been funded by The Road Safety Trust and will be carried out with the expertise of Dr Victoria Kroll and Dr David Crundall of Esitu Solutions, a spin out company from Nottingham Trent University. Read more

Delivery rider  Working in a gig economy delivery job offers plenty of flexibility in terms of hours and schedule.

To become a gig economy delivery rider on a motorcycle or scooter you will need to complete the CBT course along with meeting the requirements of the company you choose to work for, this often includes a minimum age and UK residence or right to work.

To take the CBT Course you will first need either a UK Provisional Licence or UK Driving Licence. You can apply for a UK Provisional License on the DVLA website here. Read more

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