SAM Weekly Newsletter – 28th June 2024

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - weekly newsletter 28th June 2024

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 28th June 2024

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What did I miss? Last Saturday I didn’t get down to Meadowhall. I also missed the last SAM Club night. It would help to keep everyone informed of our activities if a few members would just drop me a line. Pillion and I got out on the bike this week. A return trip to Cleethorpes used 10 litres of fuel, 85 mpg, is just one reason we really love the bike. 

Clive Lewis (Social Secretary) is organising a 2-day trip to North Yorkshire. There has been a very good response  from members for this event. If you have signed up,  please send Clive your details. Thank you.

It has been a week full of political arguments and promises. We all know what the latter are worth. In an environment, probably due to increased living costs, the sales of motorcycles have increased 2.6%, that’s 11,172 new bikes. Drill down into the figures and smaller engines, 50 cc – 500 cc are up 11.9% on 2023. This is despite the poor weather we’ve had lately. Politicians might not care much for motorcycles, but those struggling financially still have to travel and will make the best decision possible. At up to 150 mpg it’s a very wise choice!

Sales of electric vehicles, including motorcycles, have slowed. This probably means that consumers have yet to be convinced that electric powered vehicles are an affordable and practical travel solution.

A detailed examination of the manifestos of the UK political parties makes grim reading for bikers. We’ve become almost invisible and irrelevant. Whilst there are nods to reforming the graduated licensing system, there is no mention of guided riding development or post-test training. There are cross-party declarations, excluding Reform and the Green Party, to fix the pothole crisis. There is nothing about the planning and development of the chaotic highway infrastructure. Sadly, patch up and mend seems to be the approach. According to the House of Commons Library 18% of the local road network in England (excluding London) is in a poor condition. Just clearing the backlog will take 11 years and cost £12.1 billion. No matter what is promised by politicians, in the UK we are in a very big hole!

Onto other news. Road safety messages put out this week include, if impaired by drink or drugs (including prescription medication), don’t ride or drive. IAM RoadSmart welcomed the British Medical Association’s call to lower the blood alcohol limit. Nobody has mentioned operating other machinery or riding/driving when unwell. I wonder if keyboards count? Just a thought.

Kevin Williams decided to help bikers out by offering a FREE alternative to the TV coverage of European Football. Available on  YouTube, it is a series of broadcasts. These included, riding decisions based on rational reasoning not ‘overthinking’. Observation skills in 3 parts and body positioning. Also, why are motorcycle crashes so predictable? Definitely worth watching if the weather turns again. Kevin also showed the ugliest motorcycle seat I’ve ever seen and discussed the tiny Minimoto tracker.

In the rest of this newsletter you can learn how to wheelie, then join the other clowns doing dangerous stunts. There is a cautionary tale about lane splitting, the perils of distracted drivers and the dangers of riding in groups. There is also a feature on helmet cleaning, just so that you can clearly see the risks coming down the road. For more sedate reading, there is a very nice article on the history of Cadwell Park. Lastly, just to remind you of the bad old days of bikers in gangs, there is a review of the new Bikeriders movie.

As always, to all those SAM members who are having a hard time, or are in poor health, we always think about your welfare and wish you the very best. Stay in touch and happy reading

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It’s really easy to stay in touch with your Club! We provide emails, a website and use social media accounts for you to contact us. All of which is free of any cost to the Club. If you are not getting the Club information circulated, or simply want to tell us something, just let us know at We’ll be happy to ensure that we stay in touch with you. You can also now sign up for Club emails on the SAM website.

Next SAM Club Night
1st July 2024
7.30pm for an 8pm start
Treeton Miners Welfare Club
Arundel Street, Treeton
Rotherham S60 5PW

Next SAM Committee Meeting
31st July 2024
Details to be arranged

Online Motorcycle News


Wheelie Machine - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Learning How to Wheelie Is Hard, But Not Anymore. I love a good wheelie. I’m not good at them by any stretch, but I love the feeling of popping my front wheel into the air and really letting my inner hot boi out whenever possible. It’s silly and fun and sure as hell makes me giggle each time. And I’d love to get better at them, but doing so can be expensive (wheelie school) or dangerous (practicing on the road). So what are you to do other than just throwing caution to the wind?

No Love For the Street Hero - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

I Hate Riding Motorcycles On the Street, It Feels Like Everyone’s Trying to Kill Me.

I used to lane-split through Los Angeles, and I did it for about a decade. In those years, I had a ton of near-misses, close calls, and two accidents. One of the latter which saw a Toyota Camry sideswipe me when I was just going along in the left lane, minding my own business.  No one sees us. We’re invisible. And, in my opinion, you can’t just ride defensively, but offensively, because I’d rather put my life in my own hands, versus reacting to someone else’s. Read more

The Bikeriders Movie - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024 Interviews with Tom Hardy, Austin Butler, and Other Stars of “The Bikeriders” Movie. The Bikeriders is a film about a midwestern motorcycle club from the 1960s that hits theaters on June 21. The movie was inspired by a book of the same name originally published in 1968, which chronicled the characters and exploits of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club as it morphs from a friendly association to a biker gang. Read more

Rider Safety

Motorcycle Insurance, the law and modifications - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024 Ahh the age-old question about insurance and your motorcycle. What do you need to declare? Is it enough? Have you missed anything off, what should have been included? Is the bike under-insured? Can they void my policy? Read more

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

“Alarming” figures underline scale of UK’s distracted driving danger, An analysis of the latest figures from the DfT indicates that there may be more than 50,000 instances of people driving while using a hand-held phone every day, along with half a million motorists driving while not wearing a seatbelt. Read more

May be an image of motorcycle - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024 PARENTS OF TEENAGE MOTORCYCLISTS PLEASE PAY ATTENTION.
We had a young lad come in to us today who had been stopped by a police officer who had been following him. The sharp eyed officer had noticed that the rear tyre of the lads bike was illegal as it was worn below the 1mm minimum tread requirement, good spot that. The lad had come in to have a new tyre fitted, which we did.
However, we noticed something that the sharp eyed police officer had missed, the rear brake pads had no braking material left on them and the metal backing had been grinding away the brake disc to such an extent that it could be used as a saw blade, as can be seen in the pics.
This worries us on a number of levels, firstly what on earth was the police officer doing to miss it? Why did he allow the lad to ride off on a 125cc bike with that tyre? Why was the lad not aware that the tyre was worn that badly and that his rear brake was in that condition? You could say that maybe he didn’t know any better and neither did his parents and you may be right.
SO, please, please take an interest in your kids mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and even bicycles and help them check them over before riding them. If you don’t know what to check, then call us on 01926 855541 or get them to call in to our workshop and we’ll carry out a FREE SAFETY CHECK. #behindbarsmotorcycles #motorcyclesafety #kenilworth #freesafetycheck
Riding skills: Why can riding in groups be so dangerous? - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Riding skills: Why can riding in groups be so dangerous?

The risk following a rider this closely is that you watch them, not the vanishing point of the corner, which means if they make a mistake, you’re going with them…Is group riding a factor in a lot of crashes? When I arrive at a bike crash scene, about half of the time there are other motorcyclists waiting. Group riding is involved in a significant number of crashes. But there’s nothing inherently dangerous about it providing everyone knows what they’re doing. Read more

May be an image of 1 person and motorcycle - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024 It’s hard to think of a more obvious safety item on your bike than the brakes. Faulty, worn or damaged stoppers can be deadly – and they’re often the source of MOT test failures too...Read more 

Kevin Cameron - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Camber thrust. What is it? How does it work? I remember how mystified I was when I first encountered this idea: that a tire could generate a cornering side thrust just by cambering—that is, leaning as motorcycles do—without being steered as car tires are. When the motorcycle is upright and you want to turn, the first step is to lean the bike into the turn. To do this, you steer the tires out from under the bike by very slightly turning the bars opposite to the turn. This steers first the front wheel, and then the rear wheel out from under the bike’s center of mass, causing it to fall over into the turn. This is countersteering.

Boost your bike control, comfort and stamina: Get fit to ride with Jane Omorogbe - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024 Boost your bike control, comfort and stamina with these simple fitness and flexibility tips from ex-Gladiator and fitness coach Jane Omorogbe… Part 7: Next strength and flexibility How do…
Read more


how to clean a motorcycle helmet visor - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Cleaning your motorcycle helmet visor is essential to ensure safety. Summer is here: The birds are chirping, the snow has melted, and our bikes are getting much-needed time on the road. Do you know who else has decided to join in on the festivities? Bugs and lots of them! That’s not the only thing that ends up there because your visor collects all kinds of road grime, too. Cleaning your visor is a simple, albeit disgusting, part of motorcycling safety because we all need to maintain optimal vision when riding. Still, at least you’re not riding around the Smoky Mountains picking mosquitoes out of your teeth! Here, we will discuss how to clean a motorcycle helmet visor and the best ways to do it. Read more

Adventure & Touring

Get Me to Gondar: Journey through Ethiopia - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

“Blimey, no! Surely not. Jeez! Yes, I’ve crapped myself.” We were camped for the night on farmland about 300 kilometers south of Khartoum, Sudan. We’d ridden there from the U.K. on our scooter and sidecar, and we’d had the most incredible time coming through the desert. It’s a great place to ride because the people are so friendly, and you can camp anywhere. Tonight, a farmer said we could use his land. It was a perfect location, empty and about a mile from the main road. After dark, there was no one around and all we could hear was the sound of singing in the distance. The only other entertainment was the crackling campfire and the billions of stars above. Oh, and the fact that I’d crapped my pants in the middle of the bloody Sudanese desert….

I told Reece, but what deserved a full-blown laugh merely got a snicker. He was also a mess. We’d both come down with a horrific case of food poisoning. The next eight hours were spent going in and out of the tent, digging holes around that poor farmer’s land. It was disgusting. Read more

Custom & Historic

The 2024 Malle Mile Custom Build Challenge bike build-off -Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024


The Malle Mile is a weekend of riotous motorcycle shenanigans, put on by our friends at Malle London. It also turns ten this year—so, to celebrate, Malle is launching the Malle Mile Custom Build Challenge. The Malle Mile’s whole vibe is what organizers Robert Nightingale and Jonny Cazzola refer to as “inappropriate motorcycle racing.” Modern,…

Old Classic Motorcycle purchase - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024 Look at what you’re getting – is it complete? If it’s a runner, then get a ride if you can (make sure you have insurance, and most sellers will insist on cash in their hand first). Hopefully, it’s cold first (had they had it running before you came – then why?). Hear it run. Are the tyres legal (1mm tread)? Or have cracks in the sidewall? Read more

Cadwell Park, August Bank Holiday 1961, the launch of the newly extended 2.25 mile circuit with a star studded International meeting, in front of more thatn 25,000 spectators. - Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

The landed gentry don’t often get things right. But when they do…

Cadwell Park circuit nestles in the south of the Lincolnshire Wolds, climbing from a dip up the side of two of the many crests that create the surrounding rough, sea-like countryside – and is one of the UK’s best racing circuits.

The tree-lined circuit is like no other. Most UK racetracks are former airfields like Snetterton or Silverstone – flat, barren, but already a hard surface. Donington, Brands Hatch and Cadwell come from an era when lucky landowners could indulge, using more three-dimensional land, and that started during the days of unsealed roads. Read more

9am every Saturday, throughout the year.
All bikers welcome.

Whiteknights Blood Bikes

May be an image of 7 people, motorcycle and text that says "Nhiteknights orkshire Blood Bikes free Out fHours Urgent tion Service NHS ru9ts, and Hospices across Yorkshire ut volunteering with ร today! ntly Deliver: Treting 6 Price 四 超海 BLOOD 59 고리리다 feid CBoB Notes Neomutal Documants Nconnal Units LOOD 00 through the lunteersride days Vide night, -Call Call24hrsat cepeneris eliabhodeli 365-days weekends ayear. 24hrsat luntary's Charge nts4 Free Urgent Deliverles Volunteer"

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes would like to thank the customers and colleagues at ASDA Huddersfield Store for your support at our fundraising event today with Whiteknights West Yorkshire.
Whiteknights’ Community Liaison Chris Parker expressed his appreciation. (Pictured alongside ASDA colleagues) See more

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership

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Do you or does a relative take medication for a condition?
Have you checked with the DVLA if you need to inform them?
Have you spoken to your GP?
We have a list of prescription drugs that may affect your driving over on our website:

May be an image of text

It is illegal to drive or ride if you are impaired by drugs. This includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines as well as illicit substances such as cannabis or cocaine.
Police officers carry testing kits which they can use at the roadside for some illegal drugs. They may make you do a ‘field impairment test’ in which they will ask you to perform a series of tasks, such as walking in a straight line. If they think you are unfit to drive they can detain you for further blood or urine testing at a police station.
It is the responsibility of the driver/rider to check whether their prescription or over-the-counter drugs can affect them. Always read the label on the packaging of any medicines you are taking. If in doubt speak with a doctor or pharmacist. 

Kevin Williams

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024 For the duration of the Euros football, I’m planning on running some evening webinars to give anyone who’s not a fan a break. However, just in case you are following England or Scotland, I’ll avoid the days when either of our home teams are playing. Read more

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Just because it’s on YouTube doesn’t mean it’s right

[Based on an item in yesterday’s live Elevenses webcast]

A new FortNine short appeared on my YouTube feed last week, entitled:

“Do you know of any other models that feature this unusual feature?” 

An appallingly bad piece of headline-writing, but I was fascinated enough to succumb to the click-bait to find out what was so unusual about a 40 year old two-stroke Suzuki.  Read more

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024   As I mentioned yesterday, to offer some relief from the TV coverage of the Euros football matches, I’m planning on running some evening webinars over the next few weeks to give anyone who’s not a footie fan a break. But just in case you are following England or Scotland, I WILL avoid the days when either of our home teams are playing. Read more

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Observation Part 3 – the Devil is in the detail. In the previous two articles I have been talking about the need to feed in the right sort of information into our riding system. That’s crucial because it’s not the system that ensures our riding plans turn out right – no matter what’s written or said about the Police System of Motorcycle Control, if you feed duff information into it, you’ll get duff outputs from it. Like ANY system, if you feed garbage in, you get garbage out. Read more

 Elevenses 438 Wed 19 Jun – motorcycle news, tips & views

in today’s show… Aberdeen bikers wrongly issued LEZ fines… Police Scotland call on NC500 road users to respect each other… NMC applauds cross-party commitment to fix potholes… RAC says overgrown signs ‘grave danger’… M25 full closure at J10 on 12-15 July… Italian dating app for bikers exposes 200,000 instances of personal data… does Husqvarna name change signal product shift… foot shift for DCT Goldwing… custom Hondas plumb new levels of awfulness… is new Metzler reinventing the wheel… a new tilting three wheeler… in-depth today… how often do you check or replace your body armour? Watch here

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Positioning approaching a vehicle Pt 1

Here’s the most common crash scenario involving a motorcycle – it’s the intersection (or junction) ‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You’ SMIDSY where the rider fails to stop when a car emerges from the nearside – the rider’s left-hand side here in the UK. Read more

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

‘Overthinking’ or ‘rational analysis’?

Just a few days ago, I was told in one of the comments on a post that I was “overthinking” an issue. I’d popped up a photo of a typical urban situation and then walked you through what I was seeing. There were several positive responses, but also a couple of negative comments from people who seemed to think it was all far too much trouble. It’s not the first time, and it surely won’t be the last either – I’ve published similar articles where I’ve also been told to just “forget all that, just get on and go ride”. As a criticism, it’s much the same.  Read more

Post Image Preview

Staying loose – body-shifting part 3

One of the biggest revelations for most riders who take my ‘Performance: SPORT’ course is just how responsive their machine is to subtle changes in body position. Many riders sit passively on the bike like a sack of spuds, in the worst cases becoming so rigid they might as well be part of the motorcycle’s frame. I’ve already looked at what happens when we move our weight laterally, but can we move backwards and forwards too? Read more

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Elevenses 439 Sun 23 June – motorcycle news, tips & views

in today’s show… 9 year old Argentine racer dies following crash at Interlagos circuit in Brazil… rider dies in collision with police vehicle in Londonderry… police officer hit by biker in Whitby alley… former England footballer Nicky Butt banned after colliding with motorcycle… potholes become election battleground… doctor’s bike stolen from Leeds hospital flaunted on social media… upgrade for inexpensive Monimoto tracker… Eurosport closes after Tour de France… KTM patents  Suzuki patent reveals electric motor with reduction gears… in-depth today – should the competition age limits for children be raised? Watch here

Motorcycling Organisations' News

IAM RoadSmart

REACTION: IAM RoadSmart comments on the British Medical Association's calls to lower the drink-drive limit

REACTION: IAM RoadSmart comments on the British Medical Association’s calls to lower the drink-drive limit
IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy and Standards Nicholas Lyes said: “The number of people killed on our roads where at least one driver was over the limit has remained stubbornly high for over a decade. Cutting the drink-drive limit would be a positive step forward in reducing road casualties but we also need to see an increased emphasis on re-training. Evidence suggests that those who take a drink-drive rehabilitation course in the UK are two-and-a-half times less likely to reoffend.”

Keep yourself and others safe by not drinking or driving after the football game. Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Keep yourself and others safe by not drinking or driving after the football game.

The countdown is on to Euro 2024. Over 31 days, and with 24 football games to watch, there is a lot to get excited about. Hosts Germany kick the competition off against Scotland this Friday, with England set to face Serbia on Sunday, June 16. You might be watching your team in the pub, at home in your back garden, or over at a friend’s house, but have you thought about how you’ll be getting home?

According to the latest research from IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, more than a quarter (27%) of drivers think there are circumstances when it’s okay to drive under the influence. Our guide below helps you enjoy football this summer safely…Read more


May be an image of mountain and text

Have you ever wanted to travel the world-famous North Coast 500 route, where you can explore the breathtaking scenery of the North Highlands? 🏞️
Our members can receive a 50% discount on the North Coast 500 Traveller Membership, which includes a variety of exciting benefits! 🤩
You can find your exclusive discount code on the member benefits website, and explore more about the Traveller Membership here
National Motorcyclists Council

Election Manifestos: ‘Cut Through’ on Potholes, but More Commitment to Motorcycling Needed

An incoming administration needs to develop a longer term strategy for motorcycling…Read more

‘Motorcycling Matters’. NMC Launches Manifesto for the General Election

All riders are asked to take part in the campaign and contact their election candidates…Read more



Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Denmark: New And Tougher Efforts Against Illegal Motorcycle Parts

Measures like an immediate driving ban or exhaust systems that are confiscated or filled with foam, that’s what is happening to motorcyclists in Denmark who get caught with non-approved equipment on their bike.

Here is an article by Danish motorcyclists’ organisation DMC (a member of FEMA), warning riders.

British Motorcycling Federation


Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024 Motorcycling Matters No7: Keep Historic Bikes Alive Triumph, BSA, Norton, Velocette… Britain has a proud motorcycling heritage, now added to by Japanese and European machines over 40 years old, equally part of the UK motorcycle scene. The NMC/BMF manifesto Motorcycling Matters urges that the historic motorcycle sector should be recognised for its economic contribution (xxxx) as well as the positive social engagement and mental health benefits to thousands of riders all over the UK. Read more


Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Motorcycling Matters No 6: Celebrate Motorcycle Sport

British motorcycle sport is a diverse and vibrant sector which needs to be encouraged, supported and celebrated. In Motorcycling Matters, the motorcycle manifesto put forward by the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) with help from the BMF, there’s a call for greater recognition of this widespread sector, which contributes £1 billion to the UK economy. Read more

New Rider Hub

May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle and text that says "SAVE THE OWN GOALS FOR THE MATCH Summer of Sport Failed Breath CRIME: Test for Alcohol PUNISHMENT: Arrest Fine- Points- Ban Ban-Jail -Jail New Rider Hub NYRF" The Euros kick-off this weekend, with both England and Scotland in action ⚽

Remember, riding a motorcycle when impaired by drink or drugs is a criminal offence – and could result in a fine, ban, arrest or even jail 👎

Gig Economy - New Rider Hub- Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Do you ride for a living?

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 28 June 2024

Save the red card for the ref 🟥
It is very important to ride and comply with traffic signals.

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