SAM Weekly Newsletter – 21st June 2024

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 21st June 2024

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There was a great turn out last Saturday. Observers continued coaching Associates and we had some great feedback from a rider who went out on a FREE ride assessment. Everyone enjoyed the banter, catching up on news and putting the world to rights. There are a lot of local events for motorcyclists. The Cromford Classic Car and Bike Show and BikeFest at Outwood School to mention a couple. Every SAM member can help to spread the joy of learning advanced riding by helping out, attending and/or simply sharing the news that the events are happening. The digital business card and digital pamphlet can both be found on the SAM website. Use these to help spread the advanced riding message as well. Thank you.

The political messages of claim, counterclaim, dodgy facts and twisted statistics continue to rumble on. The BMF reported that, after a detailed look at the manifestos, there was very little of any substance for motorcyclists. Kevin Williams suggested that the focus needs to shift away from drivers for causing crashes, to developing biker road craft skills in emergencies. He argues that the education and training of 1.3 million bikers is more achievable than tackling 33.5 million drivers. As crash data shows, the most serious motorcycling accidents involve excessive speed and poor emergency braking skills, he may have a point. Mike Abbott on the other hand, suggests that the crash data speed report may mislead. Whist attributing high speed as a contributory factor, poor braking high-speed braking may also play an important role. After all, bikers are only tested to emergency braking at 30mph. Most crashes happen at higher speeds. Certainly motorcyclists can do a lot to help themselves. The ‘Brake for Life’ campaign suggests that all bikers should be able to brake safely and remain upright, on their own side of the road, from 60mph. BikerDown, BikeSafe, SOBS (Science of Being Seen), advanced rider courses coupled with braking practice, hazard avoidance and hi-viz, can all help the rider to avoid turning a hazardous situation into a catastrophe. Post-test course advice can be found at Survival Skills Advanced Rider Training, Elite Rider Programme, Shiny Side Up, Ride Craft Hub; and, on the SAM website.

In your newsletter this week that are links to stories about increasing bike sales. That’s more potential IAM RoadSmart customers. Find out how to apply graphics to your bike. There is advice about motorcycle number plates and new post-Brexit motorcycle type approval regulations. There are adventure riding stories to whet your appetite for the Summer when it arrives. To go off riding you will also have to be fit, so that’s covered too.

To all those members suffering ill health at the moment, we wish you the very best progress possible. Last Saturday, everyone was asking how you are getting on, so let us know if you need support. The Whiteknights are looking for volunteers. If you can help, let Roy Clark (SAM Membership Secretary & Whiteknights manager ) know that you are interested. Yes, he’s back from touring the alps! Until next week, happy reading!

Ways to stay in touch with your Club!

It’s really easy to stay in touch with your Club! We provide emails, a website and use social media accounts for you to contact us. All of which is free of any cost to the Club. If you are not getting the Club information circulated, or simply want to tell us something, just let us know at We’ll be happy to ensure that we stay in touch with you. You can also now sign up for Club emails on the SAM website.

Next SAM Club Night
Chair’s Ride out
details to follow
7.30pm for an 8pm start
Treeton Miners Welfare Club
Arundel Street, Treeton
Rotherham S60 5PW

Next SAM Committee Meeting
26th June 2024
Details to be arranged

Online Motorcycle News


Bumper bike sales | Industry data reveals steady rise in monthly motorcycle registrations versus 2023 Bumper bike sales | Industry data reveals steady rise in monthly motorcycle registrations versus 2023 Bike sales are on the up both on a monthly and yearly basis when compared with 2023. Motorcycle Industry Association data, released at the beginning of June, shows positive results for both petrol and…

How to apply graphics - perfectly How to apply graphics – perfectly

‘Those stickers aren’t for life’ Applying stickers is one thing, but what about removing them? Maybe you’ve bought a new-to-you bike that’s covered in them and you want rid, or perhaps you’re just…

Rider safety

Motorbike number plates: Everything you need to know

Even though it’s not the most thrilling element, a number plate is a key part of your motorbike setup as different sizes and colour plates on the roads in the UK can cause confusion around what is and isn’t legal.  Read more

Norton 961 Commando 2023 review


The UK Government has outlined a plan to bring in its own vehicle type approval regulations, but what does that mean and will it make a difference? Read more

Summer Motorcycle Gear Buyers Guide  The summer solstice, which is June 20 this year, is the longest day of the year, allowing us to maximize our riding time. With longer days, spring in full swing, and summer just around the corner, we’re in the best part of the riding season. Flowers are in bloom, hillsides are green, and the hottest months are still ahead. Read more

RIDE BETTER with the Yamaha Off-Road Experience

RIDE BETTER with the Yamaha Off-Road Experience

If you want to learn how to ride a Yamaha’s Tenere 700 off-road, there’s only one place to go. The Yamaha Off-Road Experience. It was founded by multiple-British Enduro Champion Geraint Jones on his family farm up in the Cambrian Mountains a whopping 30 years ago – and now it’s run by his two sons…

Boost your bike control, comfort and stamina: Get fit to ride with Jane Omorogbe Boost your bike control, comfort and stamina: Get fit to ride with Jane Omorogbe. Good all-round body strength can only enrich your life on two wheels. I’ve tried all kinds of exercises over the last 30 years. Here are three beginner level tips to get you revved up for shoulder strength and flexibility. When most people think about a shoulder workout, the focus is on building the fleshy bits of the front (anterior) or middle (medial) deltoid muscle.

Adventure & Touring

SERENDIPITY Body image 7 As I looked around at the desolate scenery flanking the Carretera Austral, I thought about Augusto Pinochet’s soldiers, many of whom lost their lives in the 1970s during the ten years it took to construct the 1,300-kilometer dirt and gravel track through Chile’s southern reaches. Read more

Washboard Woe stand

Folklore has it that the best way to get through the washboards is to simply go fast and skim across the top to smooth out the ride. There is some truth to this wisdom, and it works well for a small-cc motorcycle when crossing a short section. But what about a dual-sport or ADV bike loaded with gear and many miles/km to go?  Read more

KIT: Luggage buyer’s guide

KIT: Luggage buyer’s guide

There’s some cracking bits of kit on the market that’ll make lugging around your gear a doddle. To help you work out what’ll be best, we’ve knocked up a buyers’ guide and brought together some tests of our best-loved kit from the past 12 months. Where should I start? Let’s start small and build up.…

Historical & Custom

Custom Honda Dax racer by K-Speed

Honda Dax by K-Speed Not a week goes by that K-Speed doesn’t find new and creative ways to customize Honda’s modern crop of adorable small-bore classics. But their latest custom Honda Dax is wild even by their standards. Read more

“That” Build: VLXAFL-5 Build Series Part 8

Almost ready to Wire and Fire A labor of love report from Bandit with photos by the Redhead and Weed “Hang on! My alignment issues through the driveline weren’t over. I even had an issue with the front wheel alignment. This tech may jump around some, but you’ll get it. At least the transmission was in place securely and I could Flex seal the oil tank mount and install the oil tank, run the oil lines, attach the oil filter mount, make a front chain guard, make a kickstand stop, find the pieces for a clutch throw-out bearing, make the proper length pushrod, order a clutch cable from Barnett and almost forget the code for clutch adjustment.” ~~~Bandit Click here …Read more

1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller – the origin of the species The Hildebrand & Wolfmüller is the world’s first production motorcycle and the first to be called a ‘motorcycle’. Strictly speaking, they called it a ‘motorrad’ since they were German but I digress…Read more

Whiteknights Blood Bikes

May be an image of ambulance, car and text

And so finally as Volunteers Week 2024 draws to a close, Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes are publishing a recruitment request to attract new volunteers for the South Yorkshire Team.
If you are interested in joining our charity as a volunteer Blood Biker or Volunteer Car Driver in South Yorkshire please contact us.
Please share this appeal, we would like to hear from Retired / Semi-retired motorcyclists and drivers to join our team this summer. .
We operate an on-call urgent “Out-of-hours” delivery service, overnight and 24hours at weekends that operates a shift system.
If you have contacted us previously, why not drop us a line and check-in again, as our geographical locations and volunteering requirements may have been updated since the considerable effort and contributions we made to support the NHS during the Pandemic.
Why not join our team as a fundraiser supporter and event ambassador? We would love to hear from you.
For further information contact us through the Facebook Page or email:

May be an image of 11 people, motorcycle, ambulance and text

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes would like to thank the performers and audience members for making tonights musical evening at Retford Baptist Church such a success.
Blood Bikes Ivanhoe & Lottie were in attendance.
Many thanks for your generosity.

May be an image of 7 people, motorcycle and text that says "Nhiteknights orkshire Blood Bikes free Out fHours Urgent tion Service NHS ru9ts, and Hospices across Yorkshire ut volunteering with ร today! ntly Deliver: Treting 6 Price 四 超海 BLOOD 59 고리리다 feid CBoB Notes Neomutal Documants Nconnal Units LOOD 00 through the lunteersride days Vide night, -Call Call24hrsat cepeneris eliabhodeli 365-days weekends ayear. 24hrsat luntary's Charge nts4 Free Urgent Deliverles Volunteer"

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes would like to thank the customers and colleagues at ASDA Huddersfield Store for your support at our fundraising event today with Whiteknights West Yorkshire.
Whiteknights’ Community Liaison Chris Parker expressed his appreciation. (Pictured alongside ASDA colleagues)

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership


Wherever you live in South Yorkshire, our partners have a range of 2wheel learning opportunities.
Have a look at our website for links to cycling and motorcycling groups / projects

May be an image of American football, drink and text

Look out for your crew.
See a mate who’s had too much?
Be a good friend – take their keys and keep them safe.

Kevin Williams

Elevenses 436 Wed 12 Jun – motorcycle news, tips & views

in today’s show… Honda to kill off ICE two-wheelers by 2040… MCN’s secure storage raided… Tories election pledge to review motorcycle licences… US East Coast cities clamp down on delivery firms… NC500 rider hit by campervan…  Malay riders hit by driverless car… back-orders fulfilled as Norton hires…  limited time offer to get fast charger & performance upgrade with a new Zero… KTM show off clutchless bike… Triumph co-brand with Bond, Breitling & Elvis… in-depth today – counter-steering; beyond the basics…Watch here

Post Image Preview  Ten days ago, I posted an article about the lack of imagination in Police Scotland’s response to motorcycle crashes. What had caught my eye was the goal that the Scottish ‘Road Safety Framework’ is aiming for is a 30% reduction in motorcyclist KSIs by 2030.  Read more

Post Image Preview

Staying loose – body-shifting part 2

Last time out I was talking about how we use counterweighting – leaning OUT from a turn – to help improve control in tight spots. Today, I’ll look at what happens when we move the other way, and lean INTO a corner. But to stop knee-jerk responses about ‘hanging-off’ not being needed on the street, let’s make it clear I’m not talking about MotoGP style riding that would see us needing elbow sliders (and probably shoulder sliders soon afterwards). I’m talking about a much more modest movement.  Read more

Post Image Preview

Inform, Educate, Entertain

A few days ago (thanks Malc) I discovered the BBC’s motto is “inform, educate, entertain”. Whilst the three words encapsulate the core mission and public service ethos of the broadcaster, it’s also a pretty concise summary of what I have been attempting to achieve with my articles here on Survival Skills. Let’s have a look at what could reasonably be slipped under the three headings. Read more

Elevenses 437 Sun 16 June – motorcycle news, tips & views

in today’s show… MAG says election manifestos have nothing for bikers… Blyth gigafactory ‘saviour’ wound up in High Court… police driver waves down filtering rider… “roundabouts are safe” – maybe not this one… toughest D-locks now on sale… new Lithium extraction technique could cut costs… metal-air battery tech could cut energy storage costs… FortNine video fails to recognise rotary disc valve… expanding panniers from SHAD at an expanded price… in-depth today – does a new ‘Rider Hub’ indicate a change of emphasis on the SMIDSY collision…Watch here

Motorcycling Organisations' News

IAM RoadSmart

Keep yourself and others safe by not drinking or driving after the football game.

Keep yourself and others safe by not drinking or driving after the football game. The countdown is on to Euro 2024. Over 31 days, and with 24 football games to watch, there is a lot to get excited about. Hosts Germany kick the competition off against Scotland this Friday, with England set to face Serbia on Sunday, June 16. You might be watching your team in the pub, at home in your back garden, or over at a friend’s house, but have you thought about how you’ll be getting home? Read more

Becoming a Blood Biker | IAM RoadSmart

In honour of #WorldBloodDonorDay, we want to give thanks to the amazing Blood Bikers within the IAM RoadSmart community. After completing their Advanced Rider course, these riders dedicate their time to saving the lives of others by delivering a ‘coast to coast’ service throughout the UK and NI. 🏍️🩸
Discover more about our members who volunteer and how to get involved with Blood Bikes – Read more

May be an image of motorcycle and text 

A brilliant couple of days at Thruxton Circuit this week for our car and bike Skills Days! 🏍️🚗🏁
Thank you to all of the Field Team, Skills Day Instructors and additional volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to make the whole event an enjoyable experience for our wonderful attendees. 🌟
National Motorcyclists Council

Now that the manifestos of the main political parties have been published, the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) has looked at how the parties measure up when it comes to their commitments in motorcycling related areas. Read more

The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) NMC has today launched an important campaign which aims to put motorcycling on the map in parliamentary constituencies in advance of the General Election.

A ‘Motorcycling Matters’ manifesto and campaign website has been created by the NMC’s members, which sets out in simple terms what motorcyclists need the post-election Government to deliver for motorcycling. It presents a manifesto for a positive vision for the future of transport and the role of motorcycling within this. There are seven key themes…Read more


‘Motorcycles Should Be Allowed To Be Serviced By Independent Workshops’

FEMA has responded to a consultation by the European Commission on the Review of the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation.

In short: the current Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation says: ‘motor vehicle’ means a self-propelled vehicle intended for use on public roads and having at least three wheels. Read more

Motorcycling: The Individual Mobility Solution That Brings Many Advantages

A French white paper, published by CSIAM (the International Chamber of Automobile and Motorcycle Trade Unions) offers a summary of the significant progress that the use of motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers makes, both in terms of relieving road traffic congestion and reducing polluting emissions and on savings that can be made by the community and road users themselves. It also offers an industrial perspective on the problems of noise and road safety as it is understood in the motorcycle sector. Below we offer a compilation of the most important issues (click here to read the full white paper). Read more

Spanish Riders And The Transport Ministry Work For Motorcyclist-Friendly Guardrails

Juan Manuel Reyes, the president of the Spanish motorcyclists’ association ANM – a member of FEMA – held a meeting with Mr. Álvaro Navareño, Technical Director of the General Directorate of Highways and his team. In this meeting, work was done on improving the criteria for installing Motorcycle Protection Systems on Metal Safety Barriers, popularly known as ‘guardrails’. Read more

British Motorcycling Federation

Motorcycling Matters No 5: Access All Areas

Motorcycles must have an ‘Access All Areas’ pass to UK roads, whether these are tarmac, unsealed ‘green roads’ or bus lanes. That’s the fifth key point raised by Motorcycling Matters, the manifesto launched the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) with significant input from the BMF.

A Technology Neutral Approach To Decarbonisation

Motorcycling Matters No 4: A Technology Neutral Approach to Decarbonisation

The BMF and National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) are calling for a pragmatic approach to the decarbonisation of powered two-wheelers. Whilst accepting the need to reach net zero in all areas of society, both organisations say that the path taken for two-wheelers must be proportionate and realistic, adding that petrol-powered motorcycles and scooters make up only 0.46% of the UK’s total domestic transport emissions.

New Rider Hub
riding gear
Dress for success
You don’t enjoy the same level of protection as other motorists. When you crash, you’ve not got the luxury of airbags, side impact protection systems, seatbelts, or head restraints. All you’ve got to protect you is your riding gear. Read more

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