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It's simple ~ for bikers who want to ride better

Ever thought do I REALLY need to do an advanced riding course? This leaflet will show you that it’s REALLY worthwhile. Investing in yourself always pays and you can try it out for FREE. No, it will not cost you anything to see that your riding can benefit from some personal guidance.

OK, so what do I have to do? Bring a road legal bike and turn up. That’s it. The FREE observed ride lasts about an hour. In that time we are sure that you will be convinced that you will gain invaluable knowledge, skills and experience by completing an advanced riding course.

Alright, so what happens on this ride out? Nothing unusual! One of our highly trained volunteer Observers will follow you as you ride. It’s just your normal bike ride. At the end, or at stops on the way, you will be given, based on how you ride your bike, an assessment of your riding and what an advanced riding course can give you. The kinds of riding skills you can learn are taking a fresh look at your riding situation, seeing likely hazards, avoiding common riding problems, dealing with each hazard safely, getting an advanced riding skillset and working out how to take your riding further as you progress through your advanced riding journey. Importantly, you will gain confidence and enjoy your learning experience.

Is an advanced course really for me? An advanced riding course is for all bikers! Riding a motorcycle is a lifelong learning process. We are a charity, staffed by highly trained, quality assured,  volunteers with decades of experience, dedicated to helping YOU become an advanced rider. Your success is our success!

Where can I find out more and sign up? Use the QR code to get all the information you need and click the link to get your FREE assessed ride. You won’t regret this biking decision!

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