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Calling all Motorcycle CBT Training Providers

At Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM) we often get enquiries from members of the public wanting to access a motorcycle CBT course. We do not offer such courses and refer these enquirers to local motorcycle training providers. As a road safety charity, through our affiliation with IAM RoadSmart, we focus on advanced motorcycle training for riders who have a full motorcycle licence. Recently, as a member of the UK Government’s National Motorcyclists Council, IAM RoadSmart has begun a programme of actively promoting motorcycling as part of an integrated transport solution for climate change in the UK. The SAM charity is also supporting this campaign for the wider use of motorcycles across Yorkshire. 

On the SAM website we are setting up a section specifically dedicated to beginning motorcyclists. As part of this website section we would like to include details, links and contact information to motorcycle training services. You would have a dedicated page on which you specify and control all service descriptions and contact details. No enquirer details would be retained on our website. Any data provided by an enquirer would be sent, without cost, to your specified email address. We will review this free online advertising service every 12 months. We would also welcome any suggestions on how we can better meet your advertising needs.

Information on the SAM website is updated weekly and shared across all social media channels. Your advert can include links to your own social media channels. In addition, we also provide blog articles on a variety of current motorcycling topics that we also share across all our social media channels.  

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please email with a contact name, phone number and email address. As a motorcycle safety charity SAM is dedicated to sharing information on motorcycle education, training and continued riding skill development. We hope that you will help us in this quest. Thank you.

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