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Get your FREE SAM Biker I.C.E. Card NOW!

I was getting nostalgic this week. At the Saturday Meet today I was asked about where bikers can get the ICE stickers for their helmets. I pointed out there are so many different ways to ensure that health information is available when needed. Bracelets, necklaces, helmet stickers, badges, USB sticks. All very useful, but limited. Scanning QR codes or using USB sticks, no matter how secure the data, still makes it vulnerable to theft. The data is still available when the QR code is scanned. Put a USB near a magnet and it can be rendered useless. Also, no health care professional wants to put data into their systems that may compromise their ability to use it; or, expose your data for criminals  to use. No system is totally secure, so we take a different approach.

 We don’t want to pay anyone to hold our health data. We are Yorkshire bikers and our bikes can be expensive. We developed a simpler way of holding and supplying your health data. YOU! The only person who needs to provide your health data is you. If you have it, you can decide when, where and who gets to use it. Our approach is to make the process of giving your health data to someone as simple as possible. Other than costing a little of your time, it’s completely FREE! It also folds down to 7 cm x 7 cm to easily fit in your purse or wallet.

Bikers do have accidents. The numbers of bikers having accidents and the reasons they happen are often reported out of context. They often don’t report the rider’s level of skill, riding ability or experience. They are often used to increase sales of rider training courses, restrict the use of motorcycles or feed some political agenda. When motorcycle accidents happen the blame games begin and all the players want to shout the loudest to ‘ensure that it doesn’t happen again’. Guess what? The number of motorcycle accidents has remained almost static for the past 10 years. So, all the scary posters, tinkering with road safety policies and changing the licensing laws, etc., has made very little difference.

Since its launch 5 years ago, a steady stream of website visitors have obtained a FREE SAM Biker I.C.E. Card. In an accident, all the biker is concerned about is getting help, getting well and getting back on the bike! Been there, done that. At the point of an accident, those who come to help want to know five things. Who are you? Where do you live? Who has to be notified? What, if any, are your pre-existing health issues? Who, if anybody, was providing your health care before the accident? It’s at this point you take out, or ask someone to retrieve from your pocket/wallet, your SAM Biker I.C.E. Card. No scanning of QR codes, risking the security of health care systems, or giving access to someone with bad intentions. 

You can be prepared too, by having a SAM Biker I.C.E. Card on you at all times. This card has your contact information and important medical details. In case of an accident, emergency services can use this information to help you quickly. By having this card with you, you can make sure that you get the right care when you need it the most. You are in charge of your own health information. 

It’s not just you. The SAM Biker I.C.E. Card can be used by ANYONE. Share the link with your family, friends, live-in lover, biker mates, your boss, work colleagues, local football team, or anyone else. If your social or health circumstances change, simply fill another one and print it out. Sitting in front of a new doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or paramedic, save them some time by showing them your SAM Biker I.C.E. Card. Care and treatment are faster, your loved ones informed sooner, other health care staff get the information they need much quicker. 

Having a SAM Biker I.C.E. Card can help emergency services staff to know about any medical conditions you have, the medication you’re taking, and how to contact your doctor. In the UK, it can also give them access to your NHS health records or show that you have health insurance while travelling abroad.

So, don’t wait! Get your FREE SAM Biker I.C.E. Card today. You know it makes sense to be prepared. 

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