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Hi Mark,

Sorry that it has taken a few days to get this video together. I’ve added labels for each task in producing MailChimp emails. Just let me know if you need help to go through it again.



  1. 1. You can schedule a date and time to send emails. Up to now, these have been scheduled for 9am Mo, We & Friday’s.
  2. Edit the title, then copy and paste it to the ‘Subject’ and ‘Social Media’ sections.
  3. You can write emails in a Google Doc, then copy and paste into the ‘Content’ section. The text will paste direct, but if it contains code, then use the ‘Rich Text’ icon at the top.
  4. Change the SAM Club Night and Committee meeting date and times at the bottom of the email.
  5. Adjust the picture size and margins. Enter the website URL for any documents, e.g. newsletter.
  6. At the bottom of the ‘Content: Section’ editor, click the ‘Save & Close’ button. Click the drop down menu at the top and click ‘Continue’.
  7. Check that all sections are complete. Click ‘Schedule’, or ‘Send’ button. A link to see the complete email now appears. If it’s a ‘Scheduled’ email, you can pause to edit and restart the scheduled send.
  8. That’s it!

Setting up an email template

I couldn’t find a way to export the SAM Club templates from MailChimp. The video above instructs how to set up an email template in your account. Basically, all I’ve done is construct an email and saved it as a draft. You can tnen simply replicate it, add the information you need and send it. If you get stuck just let me know and we can sit down to go through it.