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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 10th February 2023

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If you weren’t at the SAM Club Night last Monday, then you missed a real treat. Dave and Victoria from Intaride gave a great talk about motorcycle communications. Dave is an IAM member living in Evesham. Intaride provides communication solutions for motorcycle training companies, IAM Groups and other services. IAM RoadSmart provides the SAM Club with guidance on the use of communications equipment. Its main role is to improve riding whilst on the move. Whilst pulling up to brief on performance, learning is much more effective when help is given at the time we are riding. This approach is well recognised, in motorcycle training schools and the DVSA, as being an effective way to provide warnings, directions, observation and correction of riding performance. Immediate feedback, with later debriefing and recording of riding performance, has been shown to be the most effective way to help bikers develop safer riding knowledge, skills and experience. See later in your SAM Club Newsletter for details on the equipment and services offered by Intaride. We extend our thanks to Dave and Victoria for making the journey and giving our SAM Club Night a very enjoyable experience.

Onto other news. Bemoto Insurance and R&G Crash Protectors have agreed that motorcyclists insured with Bemoto do not have to declare any R&G components added to their bikes. They will automatically be covered for damage/loss on their Bemoto policy.

Whilst Bemoto and R&G now have a happy relationship, Harley Davidson Livewire is less than pleased with a downturn in sales. But on a brighter note you can read about a bullet-proof, glass-framed, concept motorcycle design. I wonder if they will supply a bullet-proof suit for the rider too? A much more practical development is the photochromic visor insert being made in a joint venture between Arai and Pinlock. It will certainly save on swapping out different visors when the sun goes down.

The Bub 7 needs a new pilot. Never heard of Bub 7? Something else I didn’t know either!  After losing some of her ground crew, Valerie Thompson, the world’s fastest female motorcycle record holder (328 mph), resigns as pilot of the Bub 7 rocket bike. If you fancy trying to prove her wrong, that Bub 7 won’t go any faster, why not give it a go. Although, I can think of many reasons not to try. 

Land speed records might be taking a break, but bike manufacturers are busier than ever, supplying electric bikes for the ‘last mile’ delivery market. They carry everything from parcels to pizzas. Many of these riders could benefit from extra motorcycle training. An electric bike is still a bike and needs trained biking knowledge and skill to ride safely. The last mile delivery workers won’t beat our Blood Bike colleagues relaying some interesting cargo from Birmingham to Gateshead this week.

As many ordinary people view the immediate future with concern, BP announced record profits. Although wholesale prices of oil on world markets have reduced, we are still not seeing any significant fall in the price of fuel at the pump. This also means more tax income for the UK government and more dividends for the investing pension companies. It just means a much poorer life for the rest of us. 

On a more sober note, IAM RoadSmart,  from April 1st 2023, for members paying fees by direct debit, is increasing the annual cost of membership from £38 to £46. An increase of 21%. 

Slightly more modern history this week with a look at the Vicla motorcycle scene in California. Never heard of it? Neither had I, but the things they do with a motorcycle are astonishing. Take a look. Happy reading.


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