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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 19th May 2023

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2023


This week the SAM Club continues to expand its reputation for advanced rider training, socialising and bike riding. It’s all down to SAM member Kevin Boot who appeared in the June issue of Ride magazine. Kevin talked about the high mileage bikes he’s ridden, day rides and trips away with other SAM members. Our sincere thanks go out to Kevin for the references he made to the SAM Club and to ride for publishing the article about Kevin’s biking travels.

We would also like to thank SAM member Sue Purnell for passing on a ‘Group Riding Tips’. It’s a female rider’s perspective for group riding. Also from Sue, a guide from Pirelli on how to fix a puncture and get your bike back on the road. Group riding will be up on the SAM website this week. We are very grateful to Sue for sharing this item, but SAM IAM RoadSmart members need to use the IAM Group Riding guide. This can be found on the Policy Documents page on the SAM website. The Pirelli guide is on the SAM social media feed. Many thanks to Sue and all SAM members who provide items to share. Such help is always very much appreciated. Thank you. 

In other news this week you’ll be hearing more, over the Summer, about upcoming changes to the Highway Code. You will hear about the IAM RoadSmart support for a ‘graduated licence’ for young drivers. Local Councils will have powers to levy fines on road users that were previously managed by the Police. The implementation of ULEZ zones and the expanding use of 20mph zones in urban areas.  

If you want to get away from all this for a while, why not take up the offer, from the British Superbike School, for a discounted. level 1 track day on August 11th 2023. The 12 places available are exclusively open to SAM IAM RoadSmart members. You can learn a lot of skills that will help you when riding on the road, so look at the email sent and complete the signup form.

Starting with a level 1 track day you might get a taste for being on the track. Read about how to start racing in this newsletter. If going for an adventure ride is more to your riding taste, read about how to survive an adventure trip first. Deciding where to go on a motorcycling holiday is always a dilemma. To help there is an article about the choice between the Picos and Dolomites.

Being an ex-engineer I’ve always been fascinated by engines. Read about the history of J.A.P. engines and the invention of a bike that can run on beer! It can reach a claimed top speed of 150mph! There’s nothing like taking your own bar with you.

Finally, our history slot this week tells you about the early women motorcyclists. It reveals the social barriers they had to overcome and their steely determination to succeed. Happy reading.

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