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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 21st April 2023


It’s been a fantastic week for the SAM Club. It started with a very well attended SAM Club Spring Breakfast. The week got even better as your new Committee Chair, Fran Thompson was joined by a new volunteer Secretary, Aidan Latham. Fran got a new email address, (change it in your contacts record), whilst Aidan rode off to Switzerland to contemplate the task he has taken on!

In your SAM Club newsletter this week we start with ear plugs. The Tinnitus Society has stressed the importance of wearing them when the noise gets above 85db. It’s probably a good idea to stick them in before you put on the helmet. My custom Ultimate ear plugs have served me well for about 5 years now. Ultimate supplied the ear moulds so that I can replace them, but everything changes as we get older, so it’s a good idea to get new moulds taken too. 

Other interesting reads this week start with an article about moving from a smaller bike to an adventure monster. Honda has developed a ‘jump control’ for off-road riders. This might come in handy if you are tempted to go off-road adventure riding. You might want to watch the delights and drawbacks of moto-camping. It involves macaroni cheese and sausages. Whilst you are in the wilds you might want to do a bit of hiking. Vertigo Air Boots are a hybrid motorcycle boot that can be used for trail walking too. Handy if the bike breaks down.

Piaggio are at it again. To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rabbit they have produced a new scooter. It’s the Vespa ‘Lunar Looney Bunny’. Trust Piaggio marketing to make a 60 mph scooter sound like a kid’s toy. The scooter is aimed at female riders who can ‘go shopping or to the office wearing any kind of dress, i.e. formal, casual or haute couture’. 

There is a very nice review of motorcycle phone chargers. This will be particularly useful on the new Sunra Robo S Utility electric delivery scooter. You can expect your next pizza to be delivered silently, but you’ll hear the rider talking on the phone from the next street. 

Now it’s time for the motorcycle history slot. This week a fascinating story about the first female ‘Globe of Death’ rider. She was admired as much for her risque costumes as for her death-defying riding. She survived, enjoyed the freedom of a ‘carny’ lifestyle, retired, told tall tales and handed the job to another female rider. You will also learn about the bikes used in the act and how the ‘Globe of Death’ was developed. Happy reading. 

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