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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 24th November 2023


We kick off this week with a reminder that the SAM Club Autumn Curry Night is fast approaching. Book your place NOW! Also, coming up rapidly is the SAM Club Christmas Party. You don’t have to book, just turn up. The military operation, conducted by Pilllion, is going very well. The highly complex decisions on the types of spirits, chocolates and beer needed is mind-boggling and this rider simply nods and says, ‘that will be fine’. Turn up and you’ll see what I mean.

There are some interesting questions on riding this week. Does the bike fit you and do you fit the bike? Is it 4, 3, 2 or 1 finger on the brake lever? Speed cameras are back in the news with the Chief Constable of Manchester installing 100. They are the latest design and will detect pre-camera braking, not using a seat belt and a host of other likely offences. There are 7,000 speed cameras in the UK. They cost £5.7 million to run and in 2022 generated £78.3 million for the Treasury. In 2021, there were 1,558 people killed and 25,892 seriously injured. This isn’t the whole story as minor bumps and scrapes are unlikely to be reported or recorded. Let’s hope that the revenue generated by speed cameras goes straight to a hard-pressed NHS.

Law enforcement made a great collar this week. Rex, a Police dog, cornered three bike thieves just as they had pulled a biker off a bike to steal it. Rex needs an extra bone for that arrest. The whole drama was caught on a body cam, so Rex is now a YouTube star as well!

In motorcycling news this week, there is news of a new armoured shirt. After a software update went wrong, CFMoto has recalled the 700CL-X Sport. To keep your bike in top condition there is an article on preparing it for winter riding. You can learn how to fit a new horn. Horns are often neglected, but so important to warn others of that you are on your bike. It won’t beep itself! Whilst you are on the bike, just check the controls are set up properly. There’s advice on that too. What is a counter-rotating crankshaft? Mine always went in one direction, but you learn something every week in your SAM Club newsletter.

For charity, Bristol Biking Girls have made a 2024 calendar with all proceeds going to the Air Ambulance. Real bikes, real lady riders, not models posing. A great addition to the bike shed.

Biking is getting a boost on the political agenda. With the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC), the Motorcycling Industries Association (MCIA – representing 95% of the motorcycling market supply chain), IAM RoadSmart and others joining together, to promote and educate about motorcycling and its social issues, to UK politicians. The petition to remove VAT on air vests has almost reached the magic 10,000. With this number of public signatures it will trigger a parliamentary debate. The coalition of motorcycling groups have also urged that more progress is made on stalled motorcycling issues. This is supported by a wide number of politicians across the political spectrum.

To get away from the poor weather and political bun fights you read about why we get into motorcycling ( and riding to the Artic Circle. Now I know that a few years ago Russ and Judith Pettet (SAM members) brought back some great photos of their Norwegian trip. The article by Saffey Sprocket goes into detail about Norwegian toll roads, tunnels and waterfalls. 

Our friends the Whiteknights have outdone themselves with two relay rides this week. Now I know that premature babies are hungry, but 40 litres of breast milk! The 3 large containers had to go by car this time, but there will be a lot of grateful infants with full tummies. There was also a relay trip from Liverpool to Newcastle. The Whiteknights need more riders, so if you are able to help tell Roy Clark, or talk to a Whiteknights’ rider. If you can’t ride, then perhaps help out with fundraising. This week Leeds Bike Tyres re-shod a bike for them.

There is so much more news in your SAM Club Weekly newsletter. This includes South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) road safety campaigns where you can learn about the 18 different types of speed camera. IAM RoadSmart have written to the Chancellor asking for support to remove VAT from air vests. Potholes, the danger of swerving around them, are back in the news and everyone has a Black Friday sale. Until next week, happy reading.

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