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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 27th January 2023

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Winter driving advice for those essential journeys.


The first photos for the SAM Annual Photo Competition have arrived! If you are out and about, support this SAM Club event by taking some snaps and email them to:

In your SAM Club Newsletter this week we start with motorcycle component failure and is it the way it’s designed? There is quite a list of things that can go wrong due to poor design. They may suggest things to be wary about when you are looking at the fabulous paint job, comfy seat and great looking tires, on the next bike. Triumph is recalling 1,351 units for a problem with the radiator fan.

Onto Winter riding. Did you know that small bikes can give you a warm glow and a big smile on your Winter ride. Although many modern bikes have ride-by-wire and assisted gear change, there are many still fitted with cables. Snapping a cable can leave you stranded, so take a look at the latest universal replacement clutch and throttle cables. 

If you have a bike that you ride less than 2,000 miles a year can you save on insurance? Whilst there are many annual ‘limited mileage’ policies available in the UK, a new pay-per-mile policy has just been rolled out in the US. No doubt it will arrive in the UK soon and might be useful for the bike that spends most of the year in the shed. 

Recent research has shown that, in the UK, Classic bikes, the Honda 90 being the most popular, produce a miniscule amount of emissions. It’s 0.05% of total UK emissions. This is probably due, in part, to the rarity of Classic bikes. 

Is motorcycle happiness simply a state of mind? Now that’s not a question that many of us take time to think about. We are too busy enjoying the ride! 

Finally, it’s onto the history slot. You can read about the fascinating life, in the late 19th century, of motorcycling pioneers Fournier and Metz. Their one-engined, two-engined and even three-engined powered bikes had an incredible history chasing records on the track. Happy reading.

Family news update: Janis’s operation got cancelled three days before it was due to happen. Janis is very grumpy and the bedroom still looks like a hospital side ward. We live in hope!


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