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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 27th October 2023


Despite the disturbing weather. the FREE SAM Club Autumn Breakfast was very successful. A big thank you to all those members who helped everyone to have a great time. I know that some members missed the feast due to being surrounded by flood water. As I write this editorial the rain is forecast to remain for the immediate future. Coming up on the SAM Club calendar is the SAM Club Night with the guest speaker Supremecoat. Book to have your helmet protected for the discount price of£20 (normal price £25).

Some SAM Club members are suffering with health problems at the moment. Steve Eyre (Big Steve) is home from hospital and remains very unwell. Chris Worral sent a message to all members, saying that he was very grateful for all the good wishes he’s received. If members can stay in touch with anyone who is having a difficult time, it can make a really big difference to both their mood and welfare as long as you don’t eat all the grapes and chocolates!

In other news this week you can read advice about filtering and riding. We know that, as advanced riders, you may be highly knowledgeable and skilled in the art of filtering on a bike. The point of these articles is to review whether you would give the same advice, or in what ways you would modify it. A useful exercise for a thinking rider. The same goes for the article on common motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them. Is there any advice missing? Are there any points that have to be stressed differently? It’s also a useful exercise in clarifying how YOU would advise other riders to cope with these hazards.

Also in your newsletter this week, other topics include how does motorcycle design affect handling and how do you know if you have a fuel pump problem? There are arguments brewing about the MCIA proposals to change the motorcycle licensing regulations. Whilst organisations representing motorcyclists seem to be broadly supportive of the initiative, bikers are not so sure they will work as intended. The aim of progression toward a full motorcycle licence is to show competence in machine care, riding and performance on the road. The proposals suggest that, beyond CBT, ‘self-taught riding experience’ will produce, with minimal training, a level of competence that is sufficient to pass a full test. The proposals do nothing to address the social consequences of removing serial CBT retakes. These were an unintended consequence of the current licensing process. As advanced riders we know the value of progressive, sustained training in developing riding competence. We need an affordable, continuing riding education and development programme. This could ensure that motorcycling will truly become a part of an integrated, sustainable method of personal transportation.

As the weather has decided to play havoc with the Autumn riding season, there are articles about riding in the wet and the cold. Just to whet your appetites for next year, there are stories about making memories with your riding adventures and the world’s longest bike. 

Our friends the Whiteknights have been getting support from the Rotarians and Revs ‘n Relics. If you know someone, or an event, that might help to keep their vital work going, tell Roy Clark (SAM Membership Secretary).

There are two items for the history slot this week. The story of a Honda CX500 Turbo and how Joe Craig helped to make Norton famous. Happy reading.

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