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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 30th June 2023


I’m back! Did you miss me? Whether you did or didn’t here is the SAM news I’ve gathered this week. Steve Bennet raised £800 for the Poppy Appeal. He was also Observer for Alexis Scott who achieved a FIRST in her advanced rider test. It’s the Shafton Bike Fest tomorrow. Jayne Bell has very kindly volunteered to help out with the SAM stall. We are very grateful to Jayne for helping us out. Go along and give some support to spread the message about SAM’s advanced rider training. Thank you.

It’s been a very busy week. Last week I wrote a post on increasing vehicle weights and its adverse effect on the UK’s highway infrastructure. This week I wrote a post on the dangers of potholes and ways to cope with riding poor quality roads. Potholes that are 40mm deep and 300mm wide are considered dangerous. A pothole map can be found here. If you come across any of these potholes on your travels please report them to help make the roads we ride a bit safer. 

IAM RoadSmart has launched a campaign to make roads safer for motorcyclists. They are aiming to inform both the UK Government and public about the value and role of motorcyclists in helping to help decarbonisation. They also want to improve the safety of motorcyclists on the road. New research showed that the majority of the public are divided about the benefits of motorcycles in reducing congestion and improving air quality as part of the solution to a graded reduction in internal combustion engined vehicles. The growing popularity of motorcycles as a means of transport suggests that the current economic downturn is forcing people to use alternative transport. Motorcycles are part of the key to decarbonisation.In your newsletter this week there are lots of interesting stories to catch up on. Happy reading.

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