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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 3rd March 2023

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We are hoping for a few more photos for the SAM Annual Photo Competition. I know that everyone leaves their entries to the last minute but, with just a couple of weeks to go, send in your snaps.  It’s great fun to try and pick the winner and adds a bright spot to the SAM Club’s calendar of events that we can share with everyone.

In your SAM Club newsletter this week, MAG are offering free emissions testing for older bikes that have to use the new London ULEZ area. A great way to help bikers ensure they do not get stung by this new taxation. We doubt whether any of the money raised from these zones will be ploughed back into the local transport infrastructure. At the moment the Sheffield ULEZ area doesn’t affect cars and motorcycles, but when the new scheme gets bedded in and the money starts rolling just watch this space.

Less emissions from ICE vehicles may be a step closer this week. An Australian research team claims to have successfully extracted hydrogen from sea water. Now this may solve two problems. An elimination of NOX gases from ICE vehicles and controlling rising sea levels from the melting polar ice caps. We’ll see how this one develops.

It’s always interesting to see how organisations in other countries tackle motorcycle safety, education and awareness. This week its the USA where things are, shall we say, a little behind. With the Dayton Bike Festival being renamed the ‘Organ Donation Bike Rally’ and most US States not requiring bikers to wear helmets, it’s a big job to get riders to change their behaviour.

Whilst Harley Davison are gaily celebrating 120 years of continuous production, Ural motorcycles, in a new factory in Kazakhstan, are bravely keeping production rolling with the Russia-Ukraine war going on close by. The landlocked country has to ship its bikes on routes close to the war zone. We found an interesting photo this week, from an article on the best 50cc motorcycles, published by a leading bike insurer. The biker is racing along the beach without a helmet or any other riding safety apparel. Another organ donor in the making and the insurance cost will race upwards!

Suzuki has taken the decision to develop a number of electric bike models. They are a bit behind the market as you can see from the UBCO electric bike with front carrier for the bedroll. Perhaps it’s going to the ABR Festival in June where, for the first time, there will be a 20-mile off-road circuit. 

Even though the infrastructure for self-driving cars isn’t even in its infancy, remote-driven cars are being developed. Now Mum will be able to drive the kids to school without even leaving the living room! An extension of drone technology perhaps? May the school run can be done from the air. Now that will ease congestion in the morning.

Lastly, my favourite part of this missive. I love to see bikes being risen from the dead and put to good use again. Take 30 minutes to watch how a 1938 Harley Davison is brought back to life. Including remaking ancient engine parts. Also, read how the Brough Superior returned to Bonneville Salt Flats in 2013. They seem to have put rockets on the side of it. Now that is going too far to upgrade an iconic bike. Happy reading.

Janis update: The patient is doing fine. Getting around on one crutch now, but still needing help with dressing and personal care. She should start going for small walks outside, but is impatient and frustrated by the weather! A BIG thank you to everyone who sent her good wishes. It is very humbling to see just how caring members of the SAM Club can be.


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