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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 3rd November 2023


Is the rain ever going to stop? Is the UK becoming a new rainforest? Possibly, but without the stifling heat. At the moment, the UK weather is certainly turning out to be challenging for bikers. It will probably break all records for the wettest Autumn since records began. For bikers this means being able to get the wet weather gear on quickly, so it might help if we practise at home. If it’s raining, just go outside and see if there are any leaks.

Some SAM members are still having a hard time. Keep up the phone calls and visits to show our support. To anyone having a hard time, we are thinking about you. Do you want grapes, chocolate, something to read, or simply a phone call to chat?

Many congratulations to Paul Black on successfully becoming an advanced rider. Many thanks to his Observer, Steve Wild, for all the hard work and support given during training. 

We definitely need to train as many bikers as possible. The police-backed ‘Vulnerable Road User Operation’, is getting a very mixed reception. It offers nothing in the way of ‘new initiatives’. Police operations are generally the things that most people want to avoid! The ‘operation’ seems more a case of they ‘have to be seen to be doing something’. SYRP has information on storms and using Winter tyres.

A report came out this week of a 5-year study comparing motorcycles versus cars for personal transport. We all know that, when purchase price, running costs and maintenance are compared, motorcycles win every time. To help improve sustainable personal transport, you can read about how to get kids into motorcycles. The future will then look a little brighter. When they get older and start adventure riding, you’ll be able to tell them what you’ve read about riding the Himalayas. If they want to start them a little more sedately, you can tell them about a scooter-riding life. For the speed freaks amongst them, there is a story about a land speed racing sidecar outfit. If you are feeling generous toward the off-spring, it’s up for sale. It can become an heirloom!

From one of my favourite motorcycling writers, Liz Hardy (, there is an article about the top 10 riding hazards. Another favourite writer, Kevin Williams ( has articles about riding past HGVs, teaching and learning, training the bike trainer, riding in twilight and darkness. This week we exchanged practical ideas on how to avoid/cope with being dazzled by headlights. There is more information that puts the use of modern biking aids in context. 

Sometimes I wonder whether bikers REALLY care about biker safety. IAM RoadSmart began a petition to remove UK VAT from riding safety gear. So far, ONLY 4,140 people have signed the petition. That’s just 3% of the 1.4 million bikers in the UK today. If we want change, to help bikers afford better safe riding gear, by making it 20% cheaper, we have to engage in the process of change; and, this change is designed to save us money. Well, we are from Yorkshire. We would urge ALL bikers, their family and friends, to help make riding safer and sign the petition NOW! Happy reading.

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FOR SALE: 2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure Exclusive TE.
Mileage: 3,711. Location: Bolsover
Accessories: Top box, panniers, sat nav, battery charger (specific to bike model)
Genuine reason for selling: owner no longer riding.
Price: £12,500. Phone: Christopher –  07767 048 148

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