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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 6th January 2023


Why is it that a UK Government Department is allowed to hand over its quality assurance to the public? In this week’s newsletter you can read about the biker who, on reapplying for insurance, discovered that he no longer had a valid motorcycle licence. He’s only been riding bikes in the UK for 60 years. It emerged that there is a regular flaw in the DVLA licence renewal system that means that, because of the licence issuing system, you will only be able to become a qualified motorcycle rider if you take your test again!!  As a reasonably competent techie, with a Masters degree in operational systems, even I can see that any 11-year-old could solve this problem. How, you might ask? For re-issuing of the same licence, i.e. no details change, simply image both sides of the old licence and compare it to the licence being issued. If they match, great, issue the replacement licence. If the images don’t match, review the issuing of the licence. There is very cheap technology available now to automate the whole process. The DVLA would rather hand their quality assurance processes to you, even though you have paid them to implement such validity checks!

Why should SAM Club members care about the re-issuing of updating your current licence? Well, in case you change your appearance, gender, or any other details on your motorcycle licence you may find yourself unable to ride because of a wholly preventable error by the DVLA; and, be unable to correct it, so have to take your motorcycle test again. A truly terrible thought, i.e. ‘not be able to ride’. The solution for you is to take a photo of both sides of your current licence, BEFORE you have to send it off the DVLA. I’ve done mine and it will be a good idea to take photos of your licence too.

Onto other items in this week’s Club newsletter. We start with a series of articles about safer riding. These point out the common mistakes of beginning riders and how experienced riders manage different types of traffic. We get Associates with different riding habits, so it’s good to review what some of them might be; and, add those you’ve seen in your own Observing experience too.

We move onto getting the garage sorted out. With poor weather conditions limiting our riding time, it’s a good idea to see if your storage/workspace can be improved. I’m just in the middle of sorting mine out now. There is also more advice on securing our precious machines too.

The weather will soon be turning and we can start to make plans for our next biking adventures. Read about places to ride, places to see and plan out the riding trip that you’ve always wanted to do.

Finally, two great stories from motorcycling history. Read about how the TT was born and why it wound up in the Isle of Man. Also, learn about Gwenda Mary Glubb, an incredible motorcycle racer, who broke 50 records in her lifetime and was the subject of an inquiry, set up by Churchill, to investigate a very delicate matter. Happy reading.

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Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists


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