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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 7th April 2023


It was the SAM Club AGM last Monday. Steve Brown (Chairman) is retiring and Fran Thompson is taking up the helm as Chairwoman. In his last report to the SAM Club, Steve reported a successful year in which a small number of Committee members continued the Club’s development. Being in the top 10% of IAM Groups, the Club is now taking on the challenges of offering Master’s training and bringing all Observers who wish to progress to the revised National Observer qualification. 

The SAM Committee took on the task of revising the Club’s Constitution. The Constitution has not been reviewed for 20 years and there have been a lot of social changes in that period. Whilst the majority of the proposed Constitution remains very similar, the update suggests two changes. First, to recognise the Club’s role as a charity serving the local community; not, simply selling and providing advanced riding courses on behalf of IAM RoadSmart. Second, that membership of the charity should include those bikers who no longer see any value in continuing as IAM RoadSmart members. However, to cover the costs of receiving the SAM Club services, an enhanced membership fee would be paid by Non-IAM RoadSmart members. Before being sent to the UK Charity Commission, these proposed changes to the SAM Club would be put to members for discussion and acceptance. 

There was a discussion about the difference between IAM RoadSmart Group rides and whether non-IAM Members would be covered by the public liability insurance. The definition of a social ride out of Full Members, Associate Members and Non-Members, is a ride out with no formal training or observation taking place. This would cover most of the SAM Club riding activities. On these rides the IAM RoadSmart public liability insurance, paid for by the SAM Club, covers only Full and Associate members. Trustee liability is not covered. Motorcycle third-party public liability provides insurance for Non-Members.

IAM RoadSmart Group Full Member social ride outs are defined as social rides with no formal training or observing element included.  IAM RoadSmart Observer insurance does not apply. Public Liability Insurance does cover the whole group. Trustee Indemnity Insurance does apply.  

Full details of the types of public liability cover provided by IAM RoadSmart to the SAM Group can be found on the SAM website in the: IAM RoadSmart Group Organised Rides Manual of Guidance .

Onto other AGM news now. The SAM Annual Photo Competition winner was announced. Details are given later in this newsletter. Avril Mcarthy kindly brought complementary Adventure Rider magazines for Club members. The local football league organisers helped mop up the extra food that Julie had provided for the AGM meeting.

In this week’s newsletter, Summer’s on its way so now is the time to think about your riding adventures. How to keep it simple and what towns to visit in the Black Forest are provided, as if you need any, for inspiration. Whilst you are in Germany you might take a look at the world’s biggest motorcycle. Capable of pulling 15 tons, it has 35 forward and 7 reverse gears. Blimey, I can only cope with 6 gears! To contrast the world’s biggest motorcycle we also take a look at the smallest motorcycles. Now they can be a lot of fun. Just to complete the comparison BMW has filed patents on a new electric bike and we consider whether e-fuels will be the saviour of internal combustion engines. Suzuki are also helping bikers by extending, after the initial 3-year warranty ends, the warranties on their bikes to a total of 7-years/70,000 miles. Peace of mind is great reassurance. 

Lastly, the Driving Examiners strike is likely to hurt the poorest members of society – young people. They have limited disposable income. It also places additional pressure on expensive public transport. Islington Council have followed Hackney Council’s lead in charging motorcycles for parking. A political policy decision based on highly flawed reasoning. Traffic wardens are taping penalty notices to the mirrors of illegally parked motorcycles. Now there is a recipe for disagreement! Happy reading.

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