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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 7th July 2023


Here we are again, your weekly digest of everything motorcycling. Just a reminder that there will be NO SAM meetings in August (or January!). We are all off riding and at the end of year recovering from Christmas!

Fran and Paul staffed the SAM stall at the Shafton Bikefest. Organised by the Outwood Academy pupils as part of their social studies the day was a great success. There were lots of bikes, bikers and their families. Linda Hardy and her team from Trainee to Traveller supported us well all afternoon. SAM members’ family and friends can still get discounted CBT for anyone wanting to get into biking. Throughout the afternoon, the new SAM Digital Business card worked well and a number of bikers were interested in advanced rider training. However, it was also a salutary lesson in biker’s attitudes toward advanced riding. Such comments as: ‘I only ride a few hundred miles each year’ (doesn’t realise they are more at risk), ‘been riding for xxx years, don’t think I need it’ (learning to ride better is a life-long task), ‘done a BikeSafe course a few weeks ago’ (forgets that BikeSafe also recommend taking advanced training). There were some other unprintable responses. It shows the hurdle that we have to get over to convince some local bikers of the value of IAM RoadSmart training.

The British Motorcycle Federation has presented research showing that motorcycles can play an important role in a sustainable integrated transport system. It’s great that authorities are beginning to wake up to the value of motorcycling in the drive to tackle climate change.

This week the Road Safety Trust has rolled out a free resource to help local authorities improve safety for vulnerable road users in urban areas. It assesses how risk changes along sections of urban highway. Sadly, it is aimed at the risks to cyclists and pedestrians and doesn’t include the risks to motorcyclists! A more helpful development in road safety, aimed at helping motorcyclists be safer riders on bends, is some paint! New road markings in the West of Scotland have been shown to significantly reduce untoward events. The road markings are called ‘Perceptual Rider Information for Maximising Expertise and Enjoyment (PRIMEs) to help riders make better decisions when approaching bends. Brilliant idea to include the word ‘enjoyment’ when describing bikers and bends!

IAM RoadSmart has teamed up with Harley Davidson to offer exclusive track days at Thruxton. This is part of multiple initiatives aimed at linking IAM RoadSmart to commercial enterprises. There are some problems with the names of IAM RoadSmart courses and there is a survey for you to suggest alternative names for them. There is more good news for motorcyclists as Trudy Harrison (DEFRA Minister) has thrown her support behind an inclusive approach to Green Roads access for all users. This is welcome news for motorcyclists who want to ride green lanes.

At a local level IAM RoadSmart reminds us that under Group insurance rules, trainee Observers have to be registered with IMI prior to beginning training. Less welcome news is that IAM RoadSmart will no longer offer discounts on training courses. Anyone holding old leaflets with discount offers should recycle them. We will have new SAM leaflets that contain the QR code linking to the SAM Digital Business Card, but you can still easily share it from your phone. Most SAM Club members have now figured out how to put the link to the SAM business card onto their phone. Reach out if you are still having trouble.

More news that will interest you are articles about young drivers and riders are the focus of different campaigns. There are articles on spark plugs, exhausts and chains. The role of middleweight motorcycles, how to accidentally buy a bike, go two-up touring and the bike that won’t wear out; and lots more interesting stuff to read.

Finally, only 60% of SAM members read their SAM Club emails. This means that those 40% of members who don’t open our emails, will miss out on all the hard work that goes into providing updates and organising events. We are not going to read anyone bedtime stories or deliver hand-written invitations on a silver platter. Whilst everyone has busy lives and other life priorities it would be helpful if those who read the SAM Club emails can spread the word by saying to those you ride with: ‘Have you read…?’. This would really help the small number of Committee members to ensure that ALL our members are kept up to date and learn of ways to show support for your Club. Happy reading!

Helping the Whiteknights Blood Bikes & Other Charities

We are stepping up our partnership with the Whiteknights Blood Bikes. When attending promotional events, the Whiteknights often get people wanting to volunteer to be a Blood Biker. Of course, they always steer them to the SAM Group to complete advanced rider training. The Whiteknights need help from SAM members to explain, encourage and support potential Associates to take up advanced rider training. SAM Members can you help out? 

Here is a very special request to SAM members from Wrawby Hall Care Home. The wish tree:

We have a wish tree here at Wrawby Hall Care Home. We like to grant as many wishes as possible and Peter’s wish is to see many different bikes.

So we would love for as many bikers as possible from far and wide to ride over to Wrawby Hall on Sunday 16th July for 2pm to make Peter’s wish come true. We will provide tea and cakes and would be forever grateful.

Peter used to ride professionally an off road trails bike and also had a 1959 Matchless 650 sports twin motorbike.

If you have any questions, please contact our Home Manager, Danielle on 01652 655311. Thank you xxxxx

If a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or any other day that a SAM members group ride, please contact Danielle and help Peter relive his biking memories. 

Ways to stay in touch with your Club!

It’s really easy to stay in touch with your Club! We provide emails, a website and use social media accounts for you to contact us. All of which is free of any cost to the Club. If you are not getting the Club information circulated, or simply want to tell us something, just let us know at We’ll be happy to ensure that we stay in touch with you. You can also now sign up for Club emails on the SAM website.

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