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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 10th November 2023


Club night was fantastic this week. It was really good of Gerry and Arthur to bring Steve Eyre. Steve is looking as well as he can and starts treatment at Weston Park Hospital later this week. Having to give up biking, Steve has some riding gear available. Just make a donation to the Weston Park Charity. Thank you to all those members who are giving support to SAM Club friends who are having a hard time at the moment.  Remember, laughter is the best medicine, but too much laughing and they might burst some stitches!

The helmets, gloves and rainsuit, donated by Barbara Fretwell Frost, were either too small or too big for members. Unbelievable! So, they have been donated to Trainee to Traveller, for use with CBT trainees. The motorcycle training providers are happy to get donated kit. Beginning riders generally have no idea what to wear or how to take care of their riding gear. I’ll be looking through my wardrobes and drawers to see what I no longer need. Perhaps there is a motorcycle training school near you that could use some help. Just a thought.

Facebook, for those using it, is stopping 2-factor authentication for users accessing the service on the same device for over two years. Facebook, like many other social networking services, are moving toward biometric authentication on user devices.

SAM Club Night on Monday was very well attended. Thank you to all those members who made it a great event. The speaker for the evening was Supremecoat Ltd (0114 467 0070). This small family company applies ceramic coatings to motorcycles and many other types of vehicle. Inspection, preparation and application takes all day, so they even offer a free taxi to take you back to a local destination. There are full on-site facilities to get changed. I can confirm that they treat their customers very well. To SAM Club members, for a single bike, there is a £100 discount, bringing the price down to £295. You get a 7-year warranty. This means that your bike won’t need treating again and special detergents keep your bike sparkling. I and other SAM Club members can vouch to the quality of the finished product. It’s a definite saving on the cost of having to ACF-50 the bike every winter. 

It’s nearly here, Christmas that is. Time for the SAM Club CHRISTMAS PARTY! Now my Pillion takes the job of selecting the raffle prizes very seriously. Members’ preferences are analysed (in other words, choice of raffle prize is closely observed each year!), shops are visited to see where the best offers are located and a steady stream of raffle prizes are carefully stored (guarded) in the spare bedroom. Given all this attention to detail, SAM Club members and partners are invited to this annual event on the 4th December 2023. We’d like everyone to turn up!

In other news this week, SYSRP (South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership) are running a ‘Be bright be seen’ campaign. For SAM Club bikers, it’s a great time to review their own ‘conspicuity’. Do you stand out? Are reflective strips located where you will be recognised as a rider? Other road users ‘expect to see a human form’ riding the bike, so let’s help them out. Another road safety campaign being run by SYSRP is ‘Be aware of the glare’. Low sun or bright lights can cause more hazards at this time of year. Next week is ‘Anti-bullying week’ and the following week is ‘Road safety week’. Being safe on every ride is the best way to keep riding. The month-long ‘Movember’ celebrations will not help at all! The extra hair just gets trapped in the visor!

Our friends the Whiteknights made 328 trips in October. One rider made a 300-mile ride in one day. Whatever was being delivered was desperately needed. The Whiteknights urgently need fundraisers to support their work. You might not be able to fall out of bed at various points in the night to ride in all weathers, but it’s easy to collect a few quid. The SAM Club is helping our local  Whiteknights(South Yorkshire) to find someone to donate a car. When they can’t ride on two wheels, they can keep up the vital services on four wheels. We know these are difficult times, but if you know of someone who can help, contact Roy Clark (0114 467 0070 

Beach racing at Mablethorpe was its usual thrilling event. There is an article about how it started for you to enjoy. We’ve ordered extra MoreBikes newspapers. Steve Bennett will distribute these when they arrive. If you can’t wait there is lots to read in your SAM Club newsletter. This includes how to build a chopper with monster truck wheels. I think they had some spare at the back of the shop. Happy reading.

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