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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 12th May 2023


It’s been a poor week for UK bikers. Very hostile drone footage was shared widely on social media. It shows different riders, some solo, others in groups, not riding well. The derogatory commentary is made from a distant, overhead view, not through the rider’s visor. The only purpose of sharing such footage would seem to tar all bikers with the same, at times, poor riding judgements. Social media viewers, bikers in particular, have railed against the footage and some of its technical riding interpretation. There doesn’t seem to be any other purpose than to damage the reputation of the biking community. As an out-of-context, sometimes technically inaccurate, commentary, it is unlikely to do anything other than reinforce the negative stereotypes of bikers using UK roads.

The damage to the road safety message was dealt a further blow with the announcement of ‘covert’ (read ‘hidden and camouflaged’) speed camera vans being rolled out. The money raised from fines for speeding violations goes straight to the UK Treasury. As we’ve read recently, very little is going to reconstruct, upgrade and/or repair the country’s highway infrastructure. Still it’s not as bad as in Belgium where local residents have formed a coalition to protest against ‘noisy bikes’. Whilst sitting in their gardens, they don’t want their peace and quiet disturbed.

For bikers, there is always the option of getting away from it all. Take a look at a motorcycle travel video on Norwegian roads. (SAM members Russ and Judith can relive fond memories). However, if you are looking for something with a little more spirited riding, watch the video of a biker on a track day. The electronics measuring riding performance are really interesting.

A more sedate way to enjoy biking is to read about the patent application for a 3-wheeled bike. This time it’s from Suzuki. I was fascinated by what looked like stabilisers below the pillion footpegs. If the bike garage is what you are interested in, then watch the custom rebuild of a Honda CX500. If you are interested in how motorcycles can help to change social attitudes. Two short films show how poverty-stricken, uneducated women and ex-child soldiers in Liberia (one of the poorest countries on earth) are given motorcycles to help make social changes. Sadly, the project is running out of funds to keep it going. 

Finally, the history slot. This week you can read about the history of the Royal Enfield ‘Flying Flea’. They were given to paratroopers in WWII and it was thrown out of aeroplanes to provide essential courier services on the front line. Happy reading.

Lucky SAM member Richard Longden has won the Karcher K4 pressure washer in the Cornmarket/IAM RoadSmart free prize draw. He is one of 5 winners and on getting his prize said: ‘I no longer have an excuse for having a dirty bike!
Congratulations to Richard and remember SAM members – ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it!’
Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Competition WinnerSheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Competition winner's nice clean bike!

Helping the Whiteknights Blood Bikes

We are stepping up our partnership with the Whiteknights Blood Bikes. When attending promotional events, the Whiteknights often get people wanting to volunteer to be a Blood Biker. Of course, they always steer them to the SAM Group to complete advanced rider training. The Whiteknights need help from SAM members to explain, encourage and support potential Associates to take up advanced rider training. SAM Members can you help out? We need volunteers to help out at the following events.

21st May 2023999 Family Fun Day
17th June 2023Braithwell Classic Car & Bike
1st July 2023Bike Fest – Outwood Academy

Ways to stay in touch with your Club!

It’s really easy to stay in touch with your Club! We provide emails, a website and use social media accounts for you to contact us. All of which is free of any cost to the Club. If you are not getting the Club information circulated, or simply want to tell us something, just let us know at We’ll be happy to ensure that we stay in touch with you. You can also now sign up for Club emails on the SAM website. Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

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