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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 14th April 2023


Well it’s the season for charity rides and it’s kicked off with the Easter Egg run to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Observer Steve Bennett is still planning an epic 1,000-mile ride in aid of the British Legion Poppy Appeal. Observer Pete Lenthall has joined the Relay Riders UK to raise money for the National Association for Bikers with a Disability. Both are worthy causes that deserve the support of SAM Club members, so be generous.

In this week’s newsletter we start with the myths put out by social media contributors. The myth, a somewhat dangerous one, was to advertise that high speed cameras on the M1 and M25 were to be set at 72 mph. The posts were shared widely across social media in a stupid attempt to encourage road users to break the law. Still the Police are fighting back with unmarked, some say camouflaged, speed camera vans. There will be little or no warning of their presence and new camera technology is amazingly accurate, even in poor weather conditions. 

If you’d like to get away from the silliness of social media and unmarked police vans, try Albania. You can read and watch a Zero SR/F going off road on what looks like an unpaved mountain track. Be warned, it’s heart-in-the-mouth (or clenched buttocks if you prefer) at times. To help recover there is some advice for nervous bikers on how to deal with riding anxiety. Taken from a personal perspective it offers some practical ways in which bikers can cope with riding nerves.

The world of safer riding just got a little better. Aspar, a Spanish company, has just developed affordable Airbag Vests. Taking on the likes of Alpinestars, it looks like bikers will be paying a little less for safety gear. Also, take a look at how Honda’s motorcycle crash detection system works. Charting the history of Honda’s crash protection development, it describes the journey from 4-wheeled vehicles to 2-wheeled rides.

In other news, read about how Parisian voters took on the menace of e-scooters by voting to ban them from the city. You can also read about how heated clothing is not just for winter.

Onto the history slot with two stories. One about a cost-effective 4-cylinder classic bike. The other is about stuntwoman Debbie Evans. Happy reading.

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Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

SAM Members Supporting Charities

Stephen Bennett – taking on an extraordinary biking challenge!Stephen Bennett – taking on an extraordinary biking challenge!
 He’s at it again! A real sucker for punishment, SAM Observer Steve Bennett is taking on another 1,000-mile challenge. This time it’s in support of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. I’m sure that SAM members will be very generous in supporting Steve on his latest charity ride. Please donate here. Thank you.
There is getting up early and there is getting up really early to do a ride for charity. Pete Lenthall (SAM Observer) is riding for the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD). The challenge? To take part in a relay ride around the UK with a bear Relay Riders UK. Getting out of bed at 2am to ride leg 142, Pete will be riding from 0300 hrs to take the bear from Mcdonalds in Barnsley to the Ship Inn in Doncaster. Each year Relay Rider UK raises funds for a nominated charity. You can to this ride here.

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