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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 25th August 2023


Yes, I’m back from my riding holiday to Weston-super-mare to see family and friends. Go away for a week and there is a lot to catch up on in the world of motorcycling. IAM RoadSmart, along with other motorcycle representatives, is keeping up the pressure on the UK Government to implement measures that would help to make motorcycling safer. The initial requirements are to implement changes to CBT training agreed in 2017. The removal of VAT from motorcyclists safety equipment would also help by making the safest apparel more affordable to younger riders.

The SAM Committee has approved an initiative to help people get into motorcycling. We get a steady number of enquiries from members of the public wanting to complete a CBT course. These are normally simply redirected to local training providers. To help these motorcycle training services we will be offering free advertising on the SAM website. This initiative will also help to encourage more people to take up motorcycling, thus supporting efforts to use motorcycles as part of an integrated transport system; thus, helping the UK to achieve its climate goals. So, if you know of a motorcycle training service in Yorkshire let them know that we are here to help.

Promoting motorcycling as part of a sustainable transport system that will also help boost motorcycle development and sales. July sales figures show a significant reduction in the number of electric motorcycles sold, along with a lesser reduction in sales of IC engined bikes. A crumbling highway infrastructure, high fuel prices, increased insurance, repair and maintenance costs will also have played a role in the poor sales of new bikes. Kenneth Williams has written a great article on how the collection and analysis of ‘active data’ (the data sent to manufacturers on machine and rider performance), may help to show how the poor state of highways affects the public and vehicles using them. 

It was Nation Blood Bike Day whilst I was away. The Whiteknights and other blood bike groups celebrate by relaying vital health care samples across the country. 

Nothing compares to travelling by bike. It’s bikers who will often be the first to stop when someone is in trouble. In your SAM newsletter this week there is advice, written by a First Responder and Nurse, about what to pack in your first aid kits. Do you have a red and a green one? Find out why you need both.

The search for biking adventures never stops and this week you can read about travelling to nowhere in Colorado. Also, there is some advice on travelling 2-up. Just to show that you don’t need a 1.6 litre bike to go touring, you can read about the biker who rode a Honda Monkey Bike 2,500 miles.

The history slot this week goes to two fascinating stories about the Mod Revival – that’s scooters, music and looking cool! Also, read about the Royal Enfield Engineers who built a 1901 bike from scratch. There were no design plans, specifications or modern tools used. Yes, it’s engineers that will make the world go around. Happy reading.

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