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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 26th January 2024

Family duties kept me from being at Meadowhall last week, but SAM members were out. They were making the best of the slightly warmer temperatures. SAM member Stephen Bennett, being a sucker for punishment, is doing the Iron Butt Challenge again. You can support him here. At the last SAM Committee meeting there was a discussion about future events and Club activities. If any members have any suggestions, or would like to offer something, then just contact a member of the SAM Committee. The first entries for the Annual SAM Club Photo Competition have arrived. Remember, you have to be in it to win it! Entries should arrive by 12mn 20th March 2024. Good luck.

In the world of motorcycling this week, you can read about how the Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid motor works. There is an article on the joys of restoring alloy parts. Liz Hardy ( debates whether biker chicks or or cats are the coolest. There are some very funny photos.

IAM RoadSmart has some tips on staying alert on the road. They also direct you to their online web page to get road safety resources. Skills days will be returning, but there are no dates yet. The petition to remove VAT from air vests has just 11,034 signatures and it will close on the 27th March 2024. If the petition does not reach 100,000 signatures it will be confined to the parliamentary digital wastebasket.

Being lucky enough to have a garage, I’ve never really considered keeping the bike warm. The car sits in front of it, keeping it nice and toasty. It’s something to think about and there’s some advice inside. When we are travelling I’ve always carried a bike cover. It keeps prying eyes off our precious machine. You can read about the usefulness of a cover in this newsletter.

There is lots of really good advice about riding at night, riding in winter and riding in ice and snow. You can also read how the Americans take a dim view of Spain rolling out the compulsory wearing of safety riding gear. We fundamentally disagree. If you are a: seen it all, done it all, know it all biker, who considers themselves invulnerable and immortal, you may have a different opinion. For us, ‘all the gear, all the time’ keeps us safer. Bosch are helping to keep us safer by developing lean-sensitive electronics for smaller bikes. Whilst BMW have recalled the 2021-2024 R18 B and Transcontinental bikes. The headlight might fall off! BMW may also be working on a folding electric scooter. The parts are likely to be more reliable, but that is not our experience of electric scooter riders.

Despite the very tragic death of Charles Falcón, the Dakar Rally was a really exciting race. After 2,000 miles there is 24 feet between the leaders. If you fancy something a little less arduous, read about riding around Knoxville, Tennessee. Freddie Dobbs reviews air vests, gets a new Honda Transalp and travels to Vilnius, Lithuania for the weekend. Saffy Sprocket takes a loving look at the Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 and gets her riding confidence back by tackling some very muddy tracks. Itchy Boots (Noraly Shoemaker)  rides to the Central African Republic. Another heart-in-the-mouth journey that results in a broken starter switch and bent exhaust. Luckily, a passer-by shows her how to start the bike by poking the starter switch with a key. Lessons for us all.

The ‘New Rider Hub’ has started a campaign highlighting where extra caution is needed when riding. The Whiteknights are on four wheels to do a relay run of urgent clinical samples. Keep putting out the word that they need donations and volunteers to help publicise their vital NHS work.

SYSRP (South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership) are promoting powered-two-wheel transport to younger people. In these times of economic hardship, a motorcycle can be a cost-effective way to travel. SYSRP also has a campaign to alert drivers to cyclists and pedestrians. 

Kevin Williams continues his prodigious output on all things motorcycling. This week he writes about how to tackle bus lanes. Watch out for the bear hiding behind a tree. It’s all to do with rider conspicuity. Kevin also starts a series on disentangling rider education from law enforcement. They are very different things. Also, that training data shows that training has no effect on KSI events, what is training actually doing? He questions the ‘living in the moment’ attitude of many riders. Is it really the best way to ride?

Finally, there is a 1930s Indian Four that doesn’t get restored and a tribute to a remodelled Ducati Scrambler. Happy reading!

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