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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 26th May 2023


Isn’t the sunshine wonderful? It seems that, if the weather prediction comes true, we are in for some fine riding weather. So, why not book an Exclusive British Superbikes School track day, 8th August 2023, with Fran Thompson (SAM Chair). There are 10 places still available and it will be a great day out.  Fine weather will, hopefully, bring out the bikers for Classic Car & Bike Show and Outwood Academy Bike Fest. Volunteer to help put our new gazebo and flags up, then tell visitors about the really worthwhile advanced rider training we provide. Your help will be very much appreciated.

In other news, the Approved Risk Assessment document has been put up on the SAM website. It’s an important document that gives details of how rides, for members and non-members, are assessed for risk and public liability. So that you understand your position, take a moment to review the document and understand what is expected of you. 

The world of the bikerverse spins on this week with running a competition for fictional stories about motorcycling. It’s a different way to get everyone’s attention. If you are looking for something closer to reality, consider whether your cornering techniques are driving you around the bend! Take a minute to read some really helpful advice on how to manage cornering well.

Loud exhausts are in the news again with warning that the Police are trying out their new kit. They might have some work to do on ‘Ride to Work Day’, 19th June 2023. Although this celebration of all the advantages of riding to work started in the USA, UK organisations have picked up the baton too. This week the NMC (National Motorcyclists Council) had a ‘very positive’ meeting with Department for Transport (DfT) minister, Richard Holden MP.  Issues discussed included training, licensing and CBT training. Also, changing the DfT’s attitude of seeing motorcycling as a safety issue to be solved, rather than a transport issue to be supported. The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) and the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) brought up the absence of the role of motorcycling in transport policy. They also brought up issues related to evaluating automated and autonomous driving systems. IAM RoadSmart suggested that it would be helpful if VAT was removed from motorcycle safety gear. This would reduce the cost and enable more motorcyclists to purchase more of what are acknowledged as expensive items to buy. TRF raised the issue of stressing the general health and mental benefits of off-road riding. All motorcycling representatives drew the minister’s attention to the vehicle damage caused by unrepaired roads and potholes. A full report of the meeting can be found on the NMC website.

Just to illustrate that motorcycling and its allied activities can help to heal. Read about Sara Jane’s journey from abused spouse to custom motorcycle builder. Motorcycles played a major role in helping her recovery.

And so to our history slot. Read the story of the 1933 Velocette MKIV. It’s affectionately known as ‘The Mule’. Happy reading.

Helping the Whiteknights Blood Bikes

We are stepping up our partnership with the Whiteknights Blood Bikes. When attending promotional events, the Whiteknights often get people wanting to volunteer to be a Blood Biker. Of course, they always steer them to the SAM Group to complete advanced rider training. The Whiteknights need help from SAM members to explain, encourage and support potential Associates to take up advanced rider training. SAM Members can you help out? We need volunteers to help out at the following events.

17th June 2023Braithwell Classic Car & Bike
1st July 2023Bike Fest – Outwood Academy

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