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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 28th April 2023


We’ve made a great start to the SAM Club year. Fran has taken the helm and we are planning a number of events, both skill development and social, that you can take part in. Aidan is doing a sterling job as Club Secretary, getting organised with the tasks that need to be done. We’ve lost another member of the Committee, Debbie Fulton. We really appreciated her contributions to the Committee and to the Club during her period in office. 

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Spring and riding starts in earnest for many bikers. We are going to resurrect Club awards, or we would if we could find them. If you know where the Burgum Shield (awarded to the most successful Observer) and Peter Wild Plate (awarded to the person making a significant contribution to the Club) are located please let a member of the Committee know.

Spring in the SAM Club means taking the opportunity to let winter-slumbering bikers know they are very welcome to join us in developing their riding skills. Attracting new members is an essential part of Club life. It ensures that we remain active and vibrant into the future. The small SAM Committee hasn’t filled two posts, Publicity Secretary (previously done by Debbie) and Events Coordinator. If any member can take on these roles your Club would greatly appreciate the help. 

All SAM Club members can help spread the messages about the benefits of developing advanced riding skills. We need members to volunteer to help out at two events. The Emergency Services Day (21st May 2023) takes place on The Moor in Sheffield. This is a chance to support our Whiteknights colleagues and spread the message about the real value of advanced rider training to our community.  The second event is at the Outwood School on the 1st July 2023. The event is organised by teachers and pupils at the school as part of their social media studies. It’s another chance for SAM Club members to support the Whiteknights and talk to young people about developing their motorcycling skills before they head off on their 125cc machines to College. If you can help with either event just tell a member of the Committee via the Contact form on the SAM website.

In the rest of your SAM Club newsletter you can read about something called ‘technical underwear’ to wear when riding the bike. Slightly more external garments are the new Knox, no jacket, armoured shirt. A development in armoured motorcycle clothing that can be used to stay cool in the summer, but close fitting enough to make sure that any over-jacket doesn’t make you look like Michelin Man (or woman). Well, we’ve all got to look good!

Bali has banned tourists from renting motorcycles. They cite an increased number of accidents and failures to obey local traffic laws. There is news of a new tool to help clean and lubricate the chain on your bike. Finally, the history slot tells you about the fascinating story of 8-valve exotic engines.

Janis news: This amazing woman is doing incredibly well and rehabilitating her new hip. She is counting down the days (2 weeks left) before she can ride a pillion again and talking about possible places to visit in France later in the year. Thanks again for all your good wishes, it is very much appreciated.

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Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

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