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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 2nd February 2024


We start the newsletter this week with the breaking story that a SAM Observer was using a video cam to help an Associate to develop advanced riding skills. Not an unusual occurrence you might think. Videoing a ride to help an Associate recognise where they have to improve their riding skills and what aspects are up to standard. On this ride, the Observer caught a motorist committing an offense. Twice! The offending driver is now being prosecuted. The Observer just made the roads a little safer. Helping an Associate and passing on the video footage to the police. The police were able to use the footage to take the case forward for prosecution. 

We got notification of a new business venture by an ex-member of the Severn Advanced Motorcycle Group. Guided touring for cars and bikes in a stunning part of France. Check it out.

It’s the Shafton Bike Fest on the 6th July 2024. This event is organised and managed by students at the Outwood College. It’s part of their Social studies. Last year Fran and I were supported by Lynda Bell from the Trainee to Traveller training school. This year we are doubling up with the Whiteknights Blood Bikes. Help from SAM members would be greatly appreciated. The event runs from 12pm until 3pm. If you can’t volunteer, then make an effort to ride out and support this very worthwhile event. Thank you.

In the US, the MRF (Motorcycle Riders Federation) reports that a number of States have doubts about the achievability of transitioning away from ICE power vehicles. They cite the slow pace of development and lack of scaling up by manufacturers. 

Motorcycle manufacturers have continued their development. Honda is developing a GB350 to rival the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Kawasaki is coordinating its robotics, manufacturing and research companies. It has successfully used an Ninja H2R-powered engine to build a robotic VTOL (Vertical Takeoff & Landing) vehicle capable of carrying a 200kg payload. The aim is for the vehicle to be used for last-mile, dangerous-location and inaccessible location deliveries. All motorcycle manufacturers point out that motorcycles can also be used for this purpose. Yamaha has decided to go with three wheels for urban transport. The vehicle is battery driven and has all-wheel steering. A prototype is promised for the AIMExpo in the Autumn of 2024. 

There are lots more interesting articles to explore with brilliant riding adventures, thrills, spills, skills and maintenance advice. Happy reading.

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