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Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - SAM Newsletter 4th August 2023

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 4th August 2023


There is a chance for you to make your voice heard on the future of motorcycle training. Following a consultation 6 years ago, the UK Department for Transport agreed to implement reforms to the hotch-potch of pathways to getting a motorcycle licence. Read a summary of the proposed changes on the MCN website. The MCIA (Motorcycle Industries Association) and the NMC (National Motorcyclists Council) and other motorcycling organisations, need you to make your views known to the DfT to encourage them to act BEFORE the next general election. You can contact Mark Harper (Minister for Transport) here. It’s time for the DfT to act, so ALL bikers need to encourage them to do so NOW!

It’s Summer and we’re going travelling. Just in case you need some inspiration, your newsletter this week has biking in California and Ecuador. They are different. One starts freezing cold and the other is very hot.

Electric bikes glide on in the motorcycle press. Buell has a new bike with 47 bhp output and a 150-mile range. It’s aimed at the urban commuter. To be fair this is the market that most motorcycles ride in. The development of electric vehicles have, as the EU has just mandated, to be recharged regularly. To help, they are insisting that fast charging is available every 37 miles. In the UK there are 355,000 miles of paved roads. At present, motorway service stations have an average of 6 public charging stations, capable of charging a total of 682 vehicles at any one time. There are 810,000 electric cars on UK roads. Reports of disconnecting vehicles and fist fights over charging leads may not be exaggerated. In 2021, there were 32,889,462 cars, of all kinds, on UK roads. Switching all, or even most, vehicles to electric power by 2030 seems to be an unachievable dream. 

The Piaggio MP3 400 and 530 models are taking a leap forward. A special emergency services edition is coming in 2024. They will be equipped with special life saving equipment for paramedics to use. This includes load capacity expanded to 102 litres, pre-hospital first aid equipment, defibrillators, neck collars, dressing sets, oxygen cylinders, respiratory and infusion kits. Already in use in the UK, Australia, France and Italy, they will be rolled out worldwide.

For British GP fans the racing was pulled from ITV’s schedule. It clashed with the FA Community Shield broadcast. The Silverstone MotoGP racing has also been pulled. However, there will be highlights, instead of live MotoGP racing.  The final MotoGP racing in Ventura, in November, will be screened in full. 

If you are going travelling this Summer, you’ll want to know which bike security chains insurers recommend. You can find their opinion in this week’s newsletter. There is a new motorcycle tour service, Steve Berry (partnered with Classic Touring). Starting with Scotland, tours throughout the UK are planned.

Lastly it’s time for the hot and cold! Japanese company Sanko has developed a water jacket designed to keep you cool in the heat. Filled with ice water, fluid is pumped around the jacket via a motor run by a USB rechargeable battery. This item wouldn’t be much use to scooter riders on the biannual Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari. Dressed in some amazing costumes, they ride in the freezing cold of New Zealand’s South Island. A real test of endurance for both rider and machine. The ride is done to support cancer research on some amazingly customised machines. There is even a dog! Happy reading.

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