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When you chat with young people about motorcycles, you get all sorts of reasons why they haven’t tried riding. Most haven’t even sat on one. It’s time to show them what they are missing. Riding a motorcycle isn’t just about getting from A to B. It’s an affordable way to travel. Quicker journeys and the chance to explore new places, meet people and experience different cultures. Some people will tell you that motorcycle riding is really dangerous, but that’s not the whole story. Yes, we hear about accidents, but riding a bike isn’t as risky as some make it out to be. The statistics that scare people need to be looked at more closely. Questions like who else was involved in the accident, the road conditions, the rider’s experience, level of competence and the weather at the time are all crucial.

Despite the common fears, some young people are drawn to motorcycles. It may be out of rebellion or just a strong desire to learn. They’ll hear concerns about safety, but with the right training and gear, they soon find that riding can be much safer. It’s all about staying aware and continuously improving your skills. Starting out can be pricey with training, buying a bike, and getting all the gear. In the long run, bikes are cheaper to run and maintain. Plus, doing your own bike checks and maintenance can be really satisfying. You don’t need the latest model, just a bike that fits you and that you fit the bike.

Some people think that motorcycles are bad for the environment. Modern bikes are getting cleaner all the time and can even be the future of personal transport. There are rapid advances being made in electric and alternative fuel bikes. These are likely to be available long before fuel guzzling cars catch up. Motorcycles can have few electronics or be loaded with technology. Digital connections are easy to make, or there is always someone who will be happy to show you how to do it.

Riding a motorcycle isn’t just for certain types of people. it’s for everyone. Bikers also care deeply about their communities and the planet. They support many local and national charities. Owning a bike means you’re not limited to staying where you live. You can explore the world and have a lot more freedom in choosing where to work or study.

NOW is the time to change the conversation around motorcycles. They offer everyone a sense of freedom. A chance to be part of the solution to environmental issues. It is not the problem that it is made out to be. Riding a bike is about embracing the challenge of adventure. Becoming a safe, competent and confident rider. Think about all what you would do with all that freedom in your life? Get started here…