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SAM Annual Photo Competition 2024

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2023

Send your entries NOW! The SAM Annual Photo Competition is great fun. SAM members send in their photo and an independent judge picks a winner. The closing date is: 12mn on 20th March 2024 All entries should be sent to: GOOD LUCK!!

Motorcycle & Car Tours Dordogne, France.

Hello I would like to introduce myself, my name is Paul James and I am a motorcycling enthusiast. A member of the IAM and former member of Severn Advanced Motorcycle club in Gloucester, my wife and I have enjoyed touring around different parts of France on our bikes, taking in the ambience and culture, along […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 26th January 2024

Editorial Family duties kept me from being at Meadowhall last week, but SAM members were out. They were making the best of the slightly warmer temperatures. SAM member Stephen Bennett, being a sucker for punishment, is doing the Iron Butt Challenge again. You can support him here. At the last SAM Committee meeting there was […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 19th January 2024

Editorial It was a cold start last Saturday. Very cold. One member cleaned the ice off the bike, got changed into riding gear and again removed the ice from the windscreen and seat! It didn’t put off the very hardy members from riding out. It warmed up later in the morning and became a pleasant […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 12th January 2024

Editorial It’s been a very busy week as we ride into the New Year. Last Saturday, despite the very cold weather, there were a lot of members riding out. There were also a couple of new associates. It was great to see that bikers can still ride when conditions are less than perfect.  In the […]

Motorcycle Magic: From Green Machines to Speedy Dreams Embrace the Two-Wheeled Revolution

Motorcycles, aren’t just loud toys for thrill-seekers? Not anymore. A motorcycle gives you a cost-effective solution to gridlocked cities, strike-bound public transport and environmental anxieties. They quench your thirst for adventure, whilst providing your own personal transport freedom. Think about it: you can ditch the four-wheeled monster and hop on a motorcycle. It’s one-third, or […]

SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 5th January 2024

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Meeting 9am all year at Meadowhall Retail Park, Attercliffe Road, Sheffield S9 2YZ

Editorial Happy New Year! It’s the start of a new adventure for motorcyclists. Various representative bodies look forward with hope and enthusiasm to put motorcycling further up the social and political agendas. For some members it may be a year of struggle and we will continue to support everyone. We wish you the best possible […]