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Riding Guidance We Offer You

Your FREE Observed ride

You don’t often get something for nothing, but we give you a FREE observed ride out. Our volunteer, nationally qualified, quality assured, Observers will welcome you to our club and follow you on a ride out. This ride is for you to decide that you want to improve your riding skills. Your Observer will explain advanced riding and give you their opinion of your current riding skills. Becoming an advanced motorcyclist helps you to be a more knowledgeable  and skilled rider. Request a FREE Observed Ride by filling in the form below.

IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course
SAM is one of the few privileged groups in the UK to offer riders two ways to become an advanced rider:
  1. Be guided to taking an advanced rider test.
  2. Take more time to meet a Group Sign-Off standard
The guidance is not any different. Because of the quality assurance process, the Group Sign-Off takes longer. It makes sure that your riding standard remains the same time.
You don’t have to decide your preferred coaching straight away. It takes a few ride outs to get familiar with the advanced motorcycling course. Talk to your National Observer about which route is best for you. You get the same Green Badge whichever route you take. Your Green Badge is awarded on your riding ability. Click the ‘Sign me up!‘ button below.
See more at IAM RoadSmart.
SAM's Green Badge+

Green Badge Plus is a way to show that you are maintaining your advanced motorcycling skills. It requires you to have a ride out with a volunteer National Observer. You show that you have maintained your advanced motorcycling skills. It reassures you that your riding remains up to Green Badge standards. Being successful on this ride out you will receive a certificate.

IAM Fellowship
Fellow membership is open to all current full IAM members. It provides you with enhanced recognition and insurance benefits (with IAM Surety). You make a commitment to keep your advanced skills up to date with a retest every three years.
Our research shows that advanced driving and riding skills deteriorate over time. Three years is a pivotal timeframe in which to refresh and renew those skills.
IAM Surety, recognise and reward those members whose advanced riding skills are up-to-date. Fellow membership costs £49 per year as the membership fee which includes the cost of your retest. Those members who need to take the entry test will pay £39 when booking it.
IAM Masters
The Masters programme is open to all current IAM members. You get one-to-one mentoring support and guidance. This will help you get the highest standard of civilian riding ability in the UK. There are no exemption qualifications to the Masters standard. Contact our Chief National Observer to apply.
National Observer

Observing with is a rewarding and enjoyable way to help make UK roads safer. You give your time to coach and mentor riders in learning advanced riding skills. As a National Observer you’ll volunteer to provide these skills to SAM Associates and possibly Associates in other IAM RoadSmart Groups. As an observer with the IAM you’ll provide one-to-one observed rides as part of a local IAM group. You provide regular rides that fit in with you social commitments. Talk to our Guidance Secretary, complete this application form and send it to the SAM Group Secretary. Your application will be considered by the SAM Committee. If approved, your application is forwarded to IAM RoadSmart.

Skills Days & Track Days

Track days are serious fun. SAM arranges discount track days for members. These are designed to hone your riding skills in steering, acceleration, braking and cornering. Watch out for notices the track days we arrange. Also, ask about where you might get SAM membership discount prices. Track days from the British Superbike School are included in our online calendar.

Bike Safe

Local Bike Safe training is run by South Yorkshire Police (SYP). SAM’s National Observers are in the very privileged position of supporting SYP in running these events. Details will be published on the SAM Calendar.

Whiteknights Support

Whiteknights are an out-of-hours volunteer NHS motorcycle courier service. They transport blood, laboratory samples, baby milk, medication and other items. They ride between care homes, NHS laboratories and other hospitals. Every rider has to be an advanced motorcyclist. They provide a vital service, free of charge, to hospitals in South Yorkshire. 

Your guidance from SAM’s volunteer observers will help you to develop your advanced riding skills. Affiliated to IAM RoadSmart, all SAM Group members have passed the nationally recognised advanced riding course. Our Observers have passed additional advanced riding tests to ensure that you get the best guidance available. Click the button below and sign up with IAM RoadSmart specifying that the SAM is your preferred local group (Group No. 4152).

Want to try before you buy? Fill in the form below and arrange the FREE ride assessment when it’s convenient for you.  Or just ride down to Meadowhall Retail Park, Sheffield S9 1EP, 9am any Saturday morning.