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About Us

We are dedicated to improving motorcycle riding skills and road safety

Welcome to SAM, a registered independent UK charity (no. 1089671)  with the mission to promote and educate the public about advanced motorcycling skills. Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of motorcycling, and we achieve this by guiding you through learning advanced riding knowledge and skills.

As an affiliate group of IAM RoadSmart (Group No. 4152), we work closely with local statutory and non-statutory organizations to provide public information and education on advanced motorcycling to our community. Our volunteer motorcyclists are trained to national standards of advanced motorcycle riding, and our Observers are nationally qualified and insured to provide on-road guidance.

We offer two courses, the advanced motorcycling test and the ‘Group Sign-Off,’ both of which certify you as an advanced rider upon completion. Our calendar is packed with interesting and fun social events, and we are actively involved in supporting local public events and road safety activities.

At SAM, we provide an essential public service that encourages, promotes, and markets improved safety on UK public roads and international road safety through IAM RoadSmart. Join our community of passionate and dedicated motorcyclists today and take the first step towards becoming an advanced rider.

Frequently Asked Questions

We all know that passing your motorcycle test is just the beginning of becoming a truly skilled rider. Governments worldwide, motorcycle manufacturers, insurance companies, police forces, armed services, and road safety organizations all agree that ongoing rider training is essential. And insurance companies wouldn’t offer discounts on premiums if it didn’t make a difference!

That’s why advanced motorcycling is for all motorcycle and scooter owners whose machines are capable of maintaining the UK national speed limit of 70mph. Investing in your riding skills is an investment in your safety and well-being. It gives you the confidence to handle any hazards on the road and enjoy the ride, whether you’re solo or with friends.

At SAM, our Observers will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring you’re in the right position, traveling at the right speed, and wearing the right gear. With their help, you’ll have all the information you need to plan your next move, whether you’re riding slowly or quickly. You’ll gain the advanced skills needed to progress smoothly and safely on any journey.

We warmly invite you to join our community of dedicated and passionate motorcyclists who share your love of riding and desire to improve their skills. So come on, let’s hit the road together and make the most out of every ride!

There are IAM RoadSmart courses for both car drivers and motorcycle riders. They are available through the IAM RoadSmart website. The scheme costs £175.00 for up to 12 months of guidance. On paying this fee (see the IAM website for any discount offers) you can join a local group. The fee you have paid will entitle you to as much guidance as you need to prepare for the Advanced Test, for however long you remain a member. Included in the fee are all learning materials, your Advanced Test fee, 12 months membership of both the IAM and SAM (normally £12/year). More information is available at the IAM RoadSmart website. After you pass your test, the annual fees are £38/year to continue as a member of IAM RoadSmart plus £12/year to continue as a member of SAM. 

There are so many benefits to you personally. You become a safer and more skilful rider. You can save substantially on your motorcycle insurance premiums. The younger you are, the more you are likely to save. This may help you in riding more powerful motorcycles sooner. Your advanced riding skills will keep you safer. They will help you get to your destination quicker. You also get better economy from your bike. After your advanced test, there is a pathway to helping other bikers become better riders. You can get discounted track days. We urge you to complete a ‘Biker Down Course’. You can improve their riding even further with short courses at specialist organisations.

Also, there is an entire world of friendship within our club. You can attend our monthly club nights, member-organised and club organised rides. The latter include day rides, weekend trips and longer tours. You can have a rich motorcycling social life. This helps you to keep up your advanced riding knowledge and skills. It also helps your local community improve its view of motorcycling and motorcyclists.

Yes, you can join the IAM. To take part in the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider course, wait until you have ridden for 3 months.

Yes, even though you are riding on a restricted licence you can take an IAM Advanced Rider Course. Your motorcycle must have an engine size of 125cc or more and can maintain the UK motorway speed limit of 70 mph..

Most IAM members are older than 21. Helping young people develop their advanced riding skills needs experience. This is experience in riding in different weather and traffic conditions.  They guide bikers of ALL ages to become successful advanced motorcyclists. With practice young riders’ advanced riding skills quickly develop. They learn faster because our older advanced riders have experience to guide them. Older riders enjoy the process guiding an Associate further develops their own skills. Your advanced riding course helps you make better judgements about road conditions. Your riding plan is better. You ride safer in the variety of traffic conditions we cope with today. Our guidance follows the Police Riders/Driving Manual ‘Roadcraft’. British Police forces and many other emergency services also use this book. You learn faster and stay safer because of how our riding experience will guide you.

Each person starts an IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider course must hold a full motorcycle licence. Your motorcycle or scooter must have at least a 125cc engine (UK motorway regulations). It must also be able to reach and maintain the national speed limits. For scooters under 125cc a special scheme called ‘Road Rider Plus’ is available. Full details are on the IAM website.

Providing that you are not disqualified you can start an IAM Rider Course.

On joining SAM you are assigned an Observer. An Observer is an advanced rider who has done more training. All training is nationally recognised and quality assured. Your Observer guides you through the stages to a successful test. On your first ride with your Observer decides how your riding can improve.
You learn the advanced skills you need to develop and how to practice them. Your Observer will show you the observations, skills and riding decisions to make. Everything you learn is in the books ‘How to be a Better Rider’, ‘Roadcraft’ and ‘Highway Code’. You should read all three books and learn how to apply their content to your riding. Your Observers will check your knowledge and understanding of their content.
The number of personal coaching sessions you get will depend on your progress. You will have all the coaching that you need. Your Observer will tell you when you are ‘Ready-for-Test’. They will organise a pre-test assessment with a National Observer. This will show that your riding is now up to the standard needed. This ride gives you experience of the actual test ride with an examiner. You can be confident that you are able can pass the advanced test.

Your Observer will ensure that when you ride with an IAM examiner, you can pass your test. Your success is our success!

This varies a lot. Some people need very little extra preparation. Others may learn at a slower pace. Time contstraints or a short-term lack of experience can also slow progress. Also, not everyone likes to learn in the same way. Our Observers have seen every kind of rider you can imagine. They are able to find the method(s) that are best suited to each individual. You might think that you are an exception… strangely, we have found that most people are… so fear not..! The intention is that you enjoy the process as you progress towards your test.

At the monthly SAM Club Night we present you with your certificate and Green Badge. Club nights take place on the first Monday of every month at Treeton Miners Welfare Club (Arundel St, Treeton, Rotherham S60 5PW) .
Beyond that, it is very much up to you. Club members, Observers and their Associates meet at Meadowhall Retail Park (Attercliffe Common, Sheffield S9 2YZ), 9am Saturday mornings. At each meeting:
  • members catch up with each other and socialise.
  • as part of their preparation for the advanced test, Observers will ride out with their Associates.
  • other members will form smaller groups and ride out usually for breakfast somewhere.
If you would like to continue as a member of the SAM Club, please come down Saturdays. You may decide that you want to take further training to become an Observer. You can then giving others the benefit of your experience.
To remain a member of both the IAM (£38/year) and SAM (£12/year) you have to continue to pay the annual subscriptions. That’s 97p/week to be part of an incredible advanced riding experience. Whilst you are a member, you will also get the benefits of a massive range of discounts. This includes things like insurance, bike accessories, holidays and even cars.

Get your Observer to give you some advice about riding in groups. SAM group rides use a ‘marking’ system (in larger groups this tries to make sure nobody gets lost en route). As ride outs can sometimes be demanding. Ask your Observer to introduce you to the members leading ride. Also, ask your Observer to go with you a couple of times to help you find your feet. After your test we do all we can to help you get involved with the SAM Club. All you need to do is make yourself known to existing members.

Yes, there are some informal riding arrangements on other days (Thursdays for instance). Talk it over with your Observer. They can make some introductions to enable you to further your involvement.

Take a while to gain experience with your advanced riding skills (following your test). Then you can apply to do the Observer training. You should approach the Guidance Secretary and fill in an application form.
To become a National Observer involves more training and the sitting of a separate test. You are examined by one of the IAM’s Staff Examiners. It involves the observation of an Associate’s ride. You then give a debrief tothe examiner. Finally, you complete a demonstration ride at National Observer level.

Still got a question?