Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

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Becoming a National Observer

The process of becoming a national observer(NO) for is as follows:

  • Prospective NO candidates must:
    • be group or local observer
    • following qualification as a local/group observer and whilst acting independently, have had a minimum of one associate pass the test (any initial test pass whilst the prospective NO candidate was under supervision  as a trainee local/group observer, is not sufficient for this purpose)
    • have done a minimum of 10 sessions assessing an associate
    • have their riding assessed by their team leader
    • have their interpersonal and observation skills assessed by their team leader

In order to commence the process:

  • the group or local observer should express an interest to their team leader, who will check they meet the criteria.
  • TL will assess riding and interpersonal/observation skills.
  • the observer then needs to complete the NO application form which should be e-mailed to The secretary will then take it to the committee for approval prior to the observer commencing the NO process. This form will then be forwarded to indicating the committee’s approval of the application.