Updated Riding Guidance

Updated COVID-19 Motorcycle Riding Guidance

This press release was issued by the Motorcycle Action Group on 10 June 2020 on behalf of a Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations, including IAM RoadSmart.

Helite Turtle – 2…

…in orange Thanks to SAM member Russ Pettet for sharing this item. We all know that Helite air vests give added protection to a biker’s upper body. Now, in addition to the integrated jackets, black and yellow versions, Helite now produces an air vest in orange. It includes the familiar retro-reflective strips and back protector […]

A Biker’s Review of I.C.E. Methods

A BIKER’S REVIEW OF ICE METHODS BIKER, HAVE YOU GOT YOUR FREE BIKER I.C.E. CARD…IN AN ACCIDENT IT’S INVALUABLE! INTRODUCTION No biker wants to be injured, but it happens. Annually there are 7,000 recorded motorcycle accidents in the UK. The hour after an accident can be critical in the road to recovery so it’s important […]