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SAM Members Exclusive Track Day Offer

Here is a really exciting offer from the Superbike School. There are 12 places, for IAM RoadSmart members, to have a track day on the 11th August 2023. SAM Club, IAM members, have enjoyed track days at the Blyton track for many years. With professional, ACU accredited, coaches on hand to assess and help improve your riding skills, this discounted offer is only open to SAM Club IAM members. 

What does a track day experience give you?

A track day focusses, without the distractions of road traffic, on helping riders with cornering, braking and acceleration techniques in a controlled environment. Correct body positioning is essential for bike handling and stability, so you learn where your technique might be faulty and how you can improve it. Overall, by practicing your bike handling skills, at different speeds, you gain increased confidence in your riding ability. You will be mastering techniques that you can use in your everyday riding. 

You will also gain an understanding of both the limits of your bike and  yourself. Often learning that you and your bike are capable of much more than you thought possible.

A track puts you with a group of riders, some you might know, others may be new. The group riding skills used on the track are really helpful when you are back out with riding friends. 

What about safety? 

Track day training helps you to read the road better, anticipate hazards more quickly and how to react in emergencies. In other words you develop a greater sense of situational awareness that helps you to avoid getting into trouble in the place.   

With strict criteria for how you conduct yourself, control your riding and the provision of safety measures for everyone to follow, it is as safe as it can be.  

In summary, track offers you a wealth of riding knowledge, practicing your skills in a safe environment, that helps you to become a better rider both on and off the track.  This track day offer is for both new and experienced SAM Club IAM members.  

The cost?  

For the discounted price of £199, you will have access to bespoke tuition, from seasoned, fully qualified instructors, to help you master the advanced riding skills we all need out on the road. Payment details are given on the attached pdf form.    

How to apply?  

Download and complete the attached pdf form, save it and email it to Fran Thompson (Chair, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists) will be coordinating applications to ensure that unfilled places can be offered to other IAM RoadSmart Groups.

Any questions? Contact either Fran Thompson through the SAM website, or Mike Abbott (07939 041606) at the British Superbike School.

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