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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 16th February 2024


It’s been quite a week in the SAM Club. Our Chief Observer, Andy Frith, is resigning and we are likely to lose a member of the SAM Committee at the next AGM. Andy will continue his support for the SAM charity. These events will bring the number of SAM Committee members to six (assuming nobody else resigns) which is the minimum allowed. It will be very difficult to manage the SAM charity and gives us no margin to resolve unexpected events. We would ask that any SAM members interested in helping should contact a member of the Committee. Thank you.

The SAM Club Night on the 4th March 2024 will be a brilliant night of celebration. Stereotonin, a band playing all our favourite tunes, from the 70s to the present day, will provide entertainment. EVERYONE is invited. Yes, it’s an OPEN INVITATION, to friends, partners, live-in-lovers, oldies and youngies! Just a £1 fee on the door for a night of dancing, merriment and just plain fun. Pillion has already put out her dancing shoes! Help your Club by spreading the word and encouraging everyone to support us. Thank you.

The world of motorcycling keeps spinning. Honda is helping motorcyclists ride safer with ‘Crosswind Assist’ and ‘Lane Warning Systems’. On motorcycles, the latter have been around for a while. ‘Crosswind Assist’ is a very welcome development as every rider will experience a bike being destabilised by crosswinds at some point. 

As the riding season – not that the SAM Club has one – gets under way riding safely remains very important. After a lay-off some riders will need to refresh their riding knowledge and skills. However, there is another reason for caution. Last year Devon and Cornwall Police received 6,000 videos showing traffic offences. Last week we reported that a SAM Observer successfully captured an offending road user and the video submitted has led to a prosecution. As bikers, we often use cameras to record our ride and it’s easy to send them to Police authorities for investigation. Similarly, it’s easy for other road users to do the same, so ensure that you remain a safe advanced rider throughout your journey. It’s not only speed cameras that are watching us ride. Another law enforcement initiative is Operation Crush. A police attempt to remove illegal bikes and scooters. If you capture possible offenders on your ride, help to make the road a little safer.

In other news the hunt for alternatives to fossil fuels goes on apace. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is experimenting with hydrogen powered bikes. There are also interesting articles asking when is it too cold to ride, ground rules for finding a riding buddy and the spectacular mopeds seen on Syd’s Run. There’s so much more to enjoy in your SAM newsletter this week. Happy reading.

PS: there is some riding kit for sale with the proceeds going to the Whiteknight’s charity. Take a look and share. Thank you.

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